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  • Marilyn Krieger found her calling in protecting cats, wild or domestic by Dan Brown Climate Magazine
  • Understanding Cat Behavior with Marilyn Krieger interviewed by Dr. Karen Becker for Cat Extravaganza Week 2022
  • Inside the Mainstream Cat Media
    by Gendy Alimurung LAWeekly
  • I Lived as Jackson Galaxy for Two Days
    by Keith Bowers Catster
  • Pet Radio Show,
    radio interview with Robert Hudson
  • Expert Advice On Feline Behavior Dilemmas
    by Kelli Bender PawNation
  • Pet Tips
    by Scott Delucchi Daily Journal
  • Best Cat Breeds for Busy Couples
    by Malina Saval The Nest
  • Ask the Cat Expert: Morning Mealtime Behavior
    by Sandy Robins (August 21, 2012) PawNation
  • KRFC AM 88.9 Public Radio
    interviewed by Jill Reynolds Critter Patter
  • Martha Stewart Channel #110 of Sirius/XM satellite radio,
    Cat Chat® with Tracie Hotchner
  • IAABC Conference
    by Steve Dale Steve Dale's Pet World
  • Ask the Cat Expert: Kitty Behavior Issues
    by Sandy Robins PawNation
  • AM Radio WILS 1320 Peconic Public Broadcasting, Long Island and Robinhood radio, WHDD in Connecticut,
    Dog Talk® with Tracie Hotchner
  • Does Fluffy zig when he or she ought to zag? maybe Marilyn Krieger can help
    Pawsitively Pets Radio Show with Sandy Robins
  • Kitty forgetting where the litterbox is, who you goin’ call?"
    by Evelyn Abston Visions Alchemy
  • Your Pet Could Save Your Life
    by Sandy Robins Krieger quoted on p2. Pawnation: The Pet Connection
  • Is It Too Late to Train Your Senior Cat?
    by Rose Springer The Daily Cat
  • AM Radio WILS 1320
    Mid-Michigan Pets with Rick Preuss and Lee Cohen (2 segments)
  • Catastrophe? You need the Cat Coach
    Steve Rubenstein, Special to The Chronicle (February 01, 2012) San Francisco Chronicle
  • Progressive Radio Network Animal Magnet Pet Radio
    Animal Magnet Pet Radio with Deborah Wolf
  • My All Star Team
    by Robin Hindry Gentry Magazine
  • KGO Radio 810
    Regular guest on Ronn Owens Show in San Francisco, California (2008-present) 
    Listen to a sample of the show
  • TV: Animal Planet's Cats 101 
    2 seasons, Fall 2010 and Fall 2011 View the Fall 2010 segment
  • Internet Radio: Pet Life Radio Animal Party
    October 11, 2011 Listen to Pet Life Radio's Animal Party
  • Odd couple: Cats and dogs can live together peacefully 
    Ann Tatko-Peterson (September 06 2011) San Francisco Chronicle
  • Verdadeiro ou Falso? (parte1-4) (Serie)
    Flavia Soares, Rachel Rothier (ja estamos no numeros 384-387) Caes & Cia (Brazilian publication)
  • Cat Steals from everyone in San Mateo Neighborhood
    by Carolyn Jones San Francisco Chronicle
  • What to do when your cat prefers your carpet to his litter box
    by Steve Dale Tribune Media Services The Baltimore Sun
  • It All Clicks Together: Clicker Training Can Keep Your Cat on Good Behavior
    by Ruthanne Johnson All Animals magazine, publication for The Humane Society of the United States
  • Featured Cat Book: Book of the Month Naughty No More!
    by Mary Anne Miller FelineExpress.com
  • On Cat Behaviorists
    by Caroline Golon The Happy Litterbox
    by Amy D. Shojai  The Red Room
  • New Pet Books Take a Scientific Approach
    by Steve Dale 88DB.com
  • Critter Corner: Air out kitty behavior woes with help of our 'cat coach' 
    by lindsay reynolds MercuryNews.com
  • AM Radio 1310 KOKX interview on Pet Talk
    southeast Iowa, northeast Missouri and West Central Illinois Radio
  • WTAN Radio AM 1340 Tampa Bay
    interview by Cory Cooper  Florida, Arkansas Radio
  • Animal Radio
    Show 586  (animalradio.com) Internet, satellite and AM/FM stations
  • Check Out These Catty New Year’s Resolutions by Marilyn Krieger
    by Arden Moore Arden Moore's Four Legged Life
  • New book describes how to use positive reinforcement to train your cat
    by Barbara Kohn  Examiner.com
  • Choosing the right veterinarian
    by Elizabeth Parker Studio One Networks
  • Cats That Copy and Impersonate Other Animals
    by Elizabeth Parker The Daily Cat
  • Enter your cat in the world's tallest cat contest over Labor Day weekend
    by Barbara Kohn  Examiner.com
  • Calm the Fears of Your Scaredy-Cat
    by Brad Kloza The Daily Cat
  • Cat coach dispels myths about cat training 
    by Barbara Kohn  Examiner.com
  • Can a Domestic Cat Be Trained As Well As a Dog?
    by April Holladay  Happy News
  • Animal Party Episode 18 The Cat Coach Tackles Bad Habits With New Clicker Tricks
    interviewed by Deborah Wolfe  PetLifeRadio.com
  • In Circle Pets
    A write up by Alexis In Circle Pets
  • Play it again, Nora: Piano-pawing cat loves the attention
    by Janice Lloyd, USA Today
  • Interview with Marilyn Krieger, the Cat Coach, about clicker training cats 
    by Eve Alexander San Francisco Examiner.com
  • Introducing two cats? Prepare and be patient 
    by Jacques Von Lunen, Special to The Oregonian The Oregonian
  • Dangers outside, boredom inside Can we do better for our cats? 
    by Christie Keith, Special to SF Gate SF Gate
  • Cat on a leash: We'll walk you through it 
    by Sharon L. Peters (February 26, 2009) USA Today
  • Oh, Baby! Cats & Infants (Pet Peeves)
    interviewed by Amy Shojai, CABC PetLifeRadio.com
  • CBS TV Evening News Why Do Cats Purr?
    Interviewed by Ken Bastida, the co-anchor of the evening news (December 18, 2008).
  • CBS TV Channel 5 Pets Around the Bay.
  • The cat training revolution
    By Christie Keith SFGate home of the San Francisco Chronicle
  • What Kind of Relationship Do You Have With Your Cat?
    By Elizabeth Wasserman Studio One Networks. The Daily Cat
  • Your Cat's Inner Kitten Released
    By Kim Boatman The Daily Cat
  • A new Home, at last, and a Diet for Regina!
    By Mary C  PawPrint
  • Purrs in the Key of Life
    By Anne Leighton (September, 2008) Cat Fancy Magazine
  • It's All Mine! Cat Marking Explained
    By Elizabeth Wasserman The Daily Cat
  • Creature Feature
    By Rhonda Owen Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Northwest Edition
  • Steve Dale's Pet World Radio Show: Can Cats be Trained? Nationally syndicated radio show, Interviewed by Steve Dale
  • PetLife Radio Pet Peeves: Oh, Baby! Cats and Infants 
    Interviewed by Amy Shojai
  • KGO TV Channel 7 Perfect Pet segment featured during the mid-day news
  • By Steve Dale Howard County times
  • 88.5 FM Radio Ottawa's Live Morning News
    Ottawa, Canada
  • Save Your Furniture (And Sanity) With A Cat Scratching Post: Find Scratching Posts For Your Feline Friend
    By Sara Schapmann LifeScript ConnectNetwork
  • KGO Radio 810
    1 hour studio interviews by Ronn Owens San Francisco, California
  • Cat Enclosures
    By Janice Biniok Redplum.com
  • She Feels For Felines
    By Stephanie E. Ponder Costco Connection
  • CFUN Radio interview
    by Shannon Nelson Vancouver, Canada Radio
  • The Surprising Secrets of Cats
    By Diana McKeon Charkalis The Divine Cat
  • Smart Cat Tricks
    By Kim Boatman The Daily Cat
  • Cat lovers aim to legalize part-wild felines
    By Denise Flaim Newsday.com and Newsday
  • Clicker Training Made Simple> 
    6 short videos of Krieger clicker training (released January 18, 2008) CatChannel.com
  • Three Minute Interview
    by Tamara Barak Aparton (January 1, 2008) San Francisco Examiner
  • Inside the Feline Mind
    by Rebecca Sweat Cat Fancy
  • Keep Pets Safe, Happy for the Holidays 
    by Sharon L. Peters Pets 2008
  • Can Cats Predict Human Deaths? 
    by Cricky Long (December 2007) Studio One Networks
  • Pet Safe Holiday Parties 
    by Darlene Arden NBC Universal's new Petside website
  • Friends Forever
    by Lisa MacColl Cat Fancy
  • Outdoor Living, Kitty Style
    by Tom Barthel Cat Fancy
  • Bengal Cats Leap Into Owners' Hearts 
    by Sharon L. Peters (June 2007) USA Today
  • Decoding Animal Body Language
    by Emily Huh (June 2007) News for Cats, Dogs & Owners, National Dog, Cat & Pet Info, Dogs, Cats.
  • Wish your pets could talk to you? Well, they do
    by Kim Campbell Thornton (June 2007) MSNBC
  • Believe It or Not, You Can Train a Cat
    by Patty Fisher The Mercury News
  • Cat Whisperer' Accentuates Positive in Pet Training
    by Aaron Kinney (May 2007) The San Mateo Times and The Oakland Tribune
  • Steve Dale's IAABC Consultants Answer Reader Questions
    by Steve Dale The Internet Home of Steve Dale
  • Serving Instructions 
    by Elizabeth Wasserman The Daily Cat
  • The Best Pet Advice
    (column) by Scott Delucchi
  • Clicker Training Cats. 
    Interviewed on Animal Radio about clicker training cats.
  • How to Calm Your Cat
    by Kristin Bailey Murphy The Divine Cat
  • Cat Training is Not an Oxymoron
    by Darlene Arden Dogs in Canada Annual
  • This is Your Cat. This is Your Cat on Catnip. Any Questions?
    by Laura Lee Bloor (October 2006) Cat Fancy
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