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Marilyn Krieger currently writes the cat behavior column for Catster. Before writing for Catster, she wrote the monthly cat behavior columns for Cat Fancy Magazine and CatChannel. Her articles also have also been published in many other publications including Kittens USA, Cat Fancy Magazine, USA Today and Catnip, the newsletter for the Cummings School of Vet Medicine at Tufts University.

A sampling of her articles include:

  • Financial Assistance for Cat Vet Costs | CatChannel.com
  • The Zen of Cat Greeting | Petside.com
  • Which Cat Did It? | CatChannel.com
  • Kitten Play | Ezine Articles
  • 6 Tips to Adopting a Shelter Cat |  CatChannel.com
  • Click Your Cat to Better Behavior |  Karen Pryor clickertraining.com
  • Addressing Inappropriate Scratching | Catnip Magazine (Tufts University publication)
  • Tricks for Treats | Cat Fancy Magazine
  • A Gentle Approach (Winner of the 2010 Cat Writers Association Purina® Kitten Chow® award) | 2011 Annual, Kittens USA
  • Click It! | Cats USA
  • Solving Inappropriate Elimination Challenges | Cats Centerstage
  • USA Today Pet expert: Keep your cats inside, and entertained |  USA Today
  • Say Goodbye to Bad Behavior | Cat Fancy Magazine
  • Vacation Blues |January, February, Bengals Illustrated
  • 5 Best, solving litter box issues | Pets2008
  • Baffled by Bengals? | Catnip, the prestigious Tufts University publication
  • Cats Just Wanna to Have Fun!  The Importance of Environmental Enrichment for Cats | Animal Behavior Resources Institute
  • Bengal Cats: A Study in Behavior | Animal Behavior Consulting, Theory and Practice;
  • Solving the Litter Box Challenge | Pet Yellow Pages
  • Case Study: Feline Aggression with a Twist | Animal Behavior Consulting; Theory and Practice
  • Stranger in Furs: introducing Cats to Each Other |  Jane & Jane
  • Your Bengal Did What? | Bengal Tails
  • Introducing the New Baby to Your Cat | Bengal Tails
  • A Stranger Has Moved In | Bengal Tails
  • Introducing Cats | Annual Report, PawPrint, the Peninsula Humane Society Bulletin
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