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September 24, 2020

Consultation Rates

The Cat Coach® has flexible plans available. Consultations are 90 minutes, on site or through Skype or FaceTime. Plans include a Behavior History Questionnaire that needs to be filled out and returned to The Cat Coach® at least 24 hours prior to the consultation. During all consultations, Marilyn assesses the situation and provides a verbal assessment, including the causes of the behavior. She will then recommend a course of action for solving the challenge. After the consultation you will received a written summary of recommendations and are welcome to contact The Cat Coach® for with questions and updates through e-mail at no extra charge for one month (immediately following the consultation). Follow-up consultations are charged at an hourly rate.

On site Consultation:

The most effective way of resolving complex behavior issues are through on-site consultations. Marilyn observes the cat in his/her own environment, including relationships between the cat, her people and other household animals as well as the layout of the house and problem areas. These observations help to determine the influencing factors that are causing the problem.

Phone or Skype Consultation:

Phone or Skype consultations are also very effective. Instead of hands on observations, photos and videos are often requested. These aid Marilyn in accurately assessing the situation in order to provide the best recommendations for resolving the problem.

How it Works:

Consultations include verbal and written recommendations. Depending on the circumstances, detailed clicker training instructions (for modification of unwanted behaviors) is also covered. Clients also can e-mail Marilyn for one month with questions and updates.


On site: $410 (plus travel)

Facetime/Skype: $305

Day rate: $1500 (plus travel & lodging expenses)