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The Cat Coach: Certified Cat Behavior Consultant

Do You Have Cat Behavior Problems?

Marilyn Krieger, The Cat Coach®, LLC Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, helps resolve cat behavior problems using a combination of positive and humane methods that include behavior modification, training techniques and education. One of The Cat Coach’s goals is to educate people about cats and cat behavior, keeping cats from being needlessly surrendered to shelters and euthanized because of resolvable behavior challenges.  

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Marilyn works mostly remotely--conducting consultations nationally and internationally. On-site consultations are available on a limited basis.  Schedule your consultation today!


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Territory is a Big Deal to All Cat Species blank

Territory is important to all felid species. But, based on a number of factors, including gender, age and habitats, each species' view differs on the topic. To varying degrees, our companion cats, their feral cousins and wild cats will defend their territories. Some work it out and share their space and resources; other’s not so […]

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The Cat Coach’s Book: Naughty No More!

blankThought you couldn’t train your cat and resolve troublesome cat behavior challenges? Yes, you can! Clicker training, combined with other friendly, positive behavior modification techniques can effectively solve cat behavior problems and train your cat in a way that will be quick and easy for you—and fun for your cat. Clicker training can also improve your cat's activity rate, attitude and, more importantly, strengthen the bonds between you and your cat. Read More

Meet Marilyn Krieger, The Cat Coach

blankMarilyn Krieger, noted Certified Cat Behavior Consultant known as The Cat Coach, is an internationally recognized cat behavior specialist and award-winning author. She offers on-site and remote consultation sessions throughout the world. Marilyn works directly with clients as well as through veterinarian referrals. Read More

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