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Puss & Payende

Puss & Payende

Hello Marilyn. Thank you for the notes & follow up 🙂
Let me update you:

  • Found a place where I can buy things to build up vertical territory. I think we'll be done with it in 2 weeks since they are making it custom.
  • Got some new toys with which both cats spend great time. I'll show you pictures later on.
  • I increased spending one on one time with Puss and now we started to build a strong bond between us 🙂 30% of times when Sis is around and 100% of times when Sis is not around Puss is playing/sleeping right next to me or on my lap 🙂
  • She'd slept with me 2 days in a row even though Sis was around.
  • She's much more close!

Payende in Istanubul, Turkey



We are seeing progress! Zareena has had only two misses over the weekend. She is using the new litter boxes and she seems more relaxed already. I bought some new toys. She loves the tunnel! (see attached) I just got my first order of Anti-Ickypoo. We are shopping the "vertical space" options.

Eileen in Richland, WA



Just wanted to give you the one month update on Harley. He is doing really well. I just got back from a long weekend away and he greeted me purring and wanting to play. He is on kitty Prozac now as well as his special diet and that plus what I've been doing seems to be keeping him on the right track.

I'm doing the clicker training and he is following directions for touch, sit, paw, and mat. Then we do Treasure Hunt where I hide kibble under his mousies around the chair and table legs. Finally, we do grab the kibble off the bowl. I have a pie plate with water by the window so he'll drink more. I balance kibble on the rim and he has to grab the kibble off the edge. This routine takes about 15 minutes and we do it in the morning before breakfast, in the evening before dinner, and whenever he is getting restless or when I first arrive home. He purrs, loudly, through the entire routine.

I still have four litter boxes around the house but he only uses one and he uses that regularly. For the first time he is even covering. We play on the places he used to pee and he has stopped the back up to the cabinet behavior with the tail raised. He hasn't peed outside the box in about two weeks even though I'm working more often outside the house and was away this weekend.

I thought you would want to know there is one more success story out there. If you have suggestions for additional games I can play or next step on clicker training, I would welcome them.

Thanks for your help.
Lori in Redwood City, CA

Update: Harley will also do his "work" when friends or the cat sitter hold the clicker or hide the kibble. The most frequent comment from people when they see us working together is "OMG, I never would have believed you could train a cat!" People are very curious about what has helped reorient Harley's behaviors. I think I've sold a lot of your books telling the story.

Your new time-out suggestion worked! Tried last night when he wanted to play/bite as I was going to bed. We have also been trying your method for play, followed by the wet food and he has responded great! I will continue to send you updates!
Emily in Mountain View, CA

Kumba & Bouli

Kumba & Bouli

Other news; they are doing very well. We are doing supervised visits of about 20 - 30 minutes at a time (once or twice a day). It is pretty calm. So much so that Kumba feels safe enough just to lie down and look around.

They go up to each other and smell their noses, and sometimes smell their butts. Once in a while, if Kumba does it for longer than Bouli wants him to do so, then Bouli will pick up his paw to swat but doesn't really do it.. Likewise, if Bouli is running around quickly and it scares Kumba a little bit, he may do a little hiss.

Update: We wanted to let you know that things have been going very well at home with the two cats. After doing many, many supervised visits, they now have completely unsupervised visits. I started out slowly, only allowing them to be together when I was in another part of the house. Then I'd leave them for a couple of hours. This past weekend we actually left for around 5 hours and they seemed to be fine. Frequently they are in the same room; sometimes at the bay window looking out, or both lying on the bed. I've seem them completely embraced a couple of times. I don't want to jinx things as I have them in a back detached room right now while some work is happening in the house for a few hours. Once in a while Kumba makes a quiet hiss; I think that it is if Bouli is bugging him too much. Because of Bouli's disability he is clumsy at times and can bump into one of us (including Kumba) without really noticing.

Lauren and Rick in Menlo Park, CA



I just want to thank you for your write up and all the links etc in follow-up to our session. Even though I have read a lot about Bengals and thought I knew a fair amount about them, talking with you really helped me to understand Raffi. Since our talk things have been going much better with him. I immediately started working with him ....we have created a great game that we play in the morning before I leave and shortly after I get home which involves circling around the house, sitting, getting a treat, sitting in a different place and getting a treat etc. He loves it and has stopped attacking me when I leave. I am finding that now that I understand HOW to train him, he seems very open to it.

I have looked at all the links and have ordered a few things. I am also going to have my contractor come an build him a perch so he can be up high and look out the window at the harbor and the birds. Understanding where he is coming from has made it easier for me to understand what I need to do for him. He is a wonderful cat and completely devoted to me so I am very thankful that I feel like we are on the road to a happier life together.

Kristie (and Raffi) in Brooklyn, NY



Thank-you so much for the miracle you performed in helping us guide our little Ruby cat to" the box" and only "the box." The terrible stains and odors were affecting our mood and also Ruby"s since I am sure she knew that we were not too happy about the situation. Without going into details since we are sure you customize for everybody let us just say the success was miraculous. When we teach Ruby how to high five which she is in the beginning stages of, we will have you visit to receive one. Meantime Ruby says Meow and yes we are all purring our thanks.

You are " the cat's whiskers. " (an English expression which means you are something wonderful)
L and D in San Carlos, California



What a difference a day makes (as they say)!

We did a bit a clicker training after you departed -- mostly to train the humans. We are now feeding her 4 times a day with the 1/4 can wet food, and we play periodically with the string toy.

She is really starting to come out of her shell as a result of the clicker training & treats. She actually curled up in my armpit and slept for awhile last night. This AM she ran like a maniac through the whole house, then came up and said hello to me in bed. Today we will work on providing more entertainment for her around the house. I just installed a carpet sample above my computer desk. She immediately marked it and played around on it, looking down at me.

We think we learned a lot about cat behavior yesterday from you. We are letting her dictate the pace of the relationship and are so glad that she seems to be relaxing and trusting us a bit more. No doubt there will be ups and downs, so we are glad to have the "lifeline" email capability with you.
Leslie & Mike in Cupertino, CA

Just a quick update on Miz Lively because the change has been so surprising to us

Yesterday we assembled Miz Lively's blue kitty tunnel, carefully sealing the ends of the wire threaded through the blue cloth tunnel. She is simply mad for it. She loves playing with the string and glow ball in it. She will even entertain herself chasing around and in it.

We also did some clicker training. We're getting more adept at it, and she clearly understands that she needs to touch the end of the pencil to get a treat. She will try to get the treat directly from the clicker hand, but I just hide the clicker/treat and she goes back to nosing the pencil quite nicely.

She was still afraid to eat at the "normal" food station near the kitchen yesterday afternoon, so we put it back in our bedroom. It seemed that she was still hesitant to really get to know the kitchen/living room area at the far end of the house.

Last night we had two neighbors over for dinner. I was worried how Miz Lively would react to the additional voices, tall people, etc. so we put her in our bedroom, door closed. After our guests arrived and we talked for about 30 minutes, Mike took one neighbor to just look at her briefly. When he opened the door, Miz Lively was lying on her crochet mat. She just looked up -- she did not flee or hide! The other neighbor also took a brief look at her and again she did not hide. As everyone retreated back to the living room, Mike left the bedroom door open. We eventually sat down to dinner and about 15 minutes into our meal, who should appear in the dining room but Miz Lively! She came up on a chair, then the dining table, having smelled the good steaks we were eating. I took her back to the bedroom and closed the door where she remained quietly on her mat. However, we were thrilled that she would come out with strangers around.

Last night when we were reading in bed, Miz Lively came and settled on me where she proceeded to groom herself and fall asleep. So nice! She stayed for about 30 minutes and eventually returned to her crochet mat. We decided that, after her first 2 hard years in LA, she is a brave kitty. Maybe her middle name should be Lisbeth after the heroine in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

This morning she ate her breakfast in the kitchen area and played under the dining room table at the far end of the house. She can easily leap up on to the counters...it seems that she wants to be at people height....but I will not leave any food on the counter least she get other ideas 🙂 This morning we also had a very nice clicker training session with the pencil.

Thank you again for your great suggestions and help. We are so pleased that Miz Lively seems to be accepting us well now!
Leslie & Mike in Cupertino, CA

JeanTerry_02_30_13Continuing to make progress. I am having the boys eat their dinners in the last week or so with the door open and them about 6-8’ feet apart. They watch each other from time to time, but there have been no signs of aggression. I have done treat rolls with them both out at the same time (and running in opposite directions, though Bobo did chase after one of Rocky’s treat – ate it and came back for more and without any problems). I let them out at the same time for breakfast into the kitchen this morning while I prepared it, and again, no problems. They continue to be separated, but these get-togethers thus far have been fine. Still working on outside cat issues, but we are definitely moving in the right direction.

Update: The boys have been together since Thursday night, and we have had NO rumbles or aggression of any sort since then. Yay!!!

Thanks for all your help and patience. We are having great fun with all the playing with them and watching them play on their own with their new array of toys. So very appreciative we can have them together and out with us again.
Jean and Terry in Sunnyvale, CA

Wow! What a difference we are already seeing in Damage. Swiffer is enjoying all the collateral benefit as well.

I have not slept with the bedroom door closed since your visit on Sunday. So far I am waking up just as dry as when I went to sleep. No cat pee on me! A full week without any pee on me or the bed.

Damage is already mellowing out. She is coming to me for attention and belly rubs again. It is really fun to hear her talking more. She is making her happy wookie noise quite a lot and back to her frequent chattering. She is not always bolting away from me and I get to pet her a lot now without her tensing up. She even came in and laid on the bed with me one night.
Julia & Mark in San Jose, CA

Danelle2_02_13_13Things are still going wonderful! I've had 3 mornings in a row of 5:30 wake up calls, let them out of the bedroom and close the door and go back to bed until 6:30. Toulouse really loves the treasure hunts. I set up 2 or three of those a day for him. He seems to really dig on them. He particularly likes it when I put the treasure in a domed toy that usually has a ball inside that he can stick his paws in…he never really dug on it with the ball, but loves it for treasure! We've got plans to add some shelving that Corey will make to replace the kitty condo in the living room and additional vertical space in the computer room. I'm continuing to work on auto feeders today as well.

Both Flash and Toulouse are much more calm now. I actually watched Flash and Toulouse walk down the hallway side by side with only a little bit of space in between them and Flash didn't swipe at him once. That never would have happened a week ago! Toulouse even came up and sat in my lap for 5 minutes in the evening which never would have happened before either…he always seemed too restless. Flash is back to claiming lap time in the evening as well!

Thank you so much for your help. We'll keep working at it and I know it will get even better!!!
Danelle in Mountain View, CA

Thank you for all your help with our kitties. I wanted to let you know that Lizzy and Kikki are co-existing peacefully. They are not friends but tolerate each other in the house. I no longer separate them and they have been fine. Your advise, particularly, the verticle territory was very helpful. It is nice not having the cat issue anymore. All are doing very well. Thank you so much.
Amy in Salisbury, MD




Your recommendations for our Machka have worked beautifully – thank you.
Erin in Firndale, WA





Just wanted to thank you for all of your help with our Burmese show cats. Here is a picture of our new kitten Timba. He is a dream in the show hall. I am getting as many complements on his perfect disposition as I am on his perfectly beautiful self. People tell me I am lucky! I tell them: "Click and treat!"

Lauri (Singita Burmese) in Rochester, Minnesota

Mouse and Unna are doing very well thanks to your help! It took several weeks but the slow introduction you instructed made these once enemies into best friends.

I really appreciate your help, knowledge and experience in this matter. Before I called you I was ready to give up as Mouse's aggression and territorial behavior was absolutely frightening, as Unna was just a little kitten. But now he really loves his little sis! They play, chase each other, and really enjoy each other's company. I am so thankful it worked out perfectly.

Wilson in Aurora, Illinois


Mouse & Unna



I had to share. Diego gave me the most wonderful Christmas gift this evening. I came home late from work and after doing some playtime and training time with him, I sat down in my recliner to watch a little TV before heading to bed. While in the recliner, Diego tentatively climbed up on the chair next to my legs. I gave him a couple of pieces of chicken and then he laid down, cuddled up to my legs, stretched out his paw to my chest and went to sleep!!!

For the first time since we have had him, he showed me true trust and affection. It was so wonderful that I just had to share. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Kevin & Hayley in Rosamond, CA

Sorry for the late reply. I've been absolutely swamped the past few days.

I just wanted to thank you again for your suggestions. Coco has yet to pee outside the box since. I've also managed to teach him some
Jonathan Lee in Hillsborough, CA



I have not been peed on in 4 weeks!

Damage continues to become more relaxed and playful. She is now regularly choosing to hang out with me on the bed. When I feed her I do not have to walk away before she will come eat. She even lets me pet her when she eats. I walk right up and pet her any time I want.

The Turbo Sscratcher and the cat tunnel are her favorite toys. The Talk To Me treat ball arrived but neither Damage or Swiffer are really into it. The boring ordinary treat ball and dog tornado are their primary kibble supply choices. I have been keeping an eye out for additional food games so we can rotate through and keep the girls from getting bored.

Clicker training is going slow but very well. Both the girls don't go for more than two to five minute sessions but I don't force it and Damage will actually pester me to play clicker if I am running late by the kitty clock. I have started to try associated the word 'touch' now and when it looks like that is sticking solidly we will start trying 'place'.

We are down to four litter boxes from the six and no longer use the old litter at all. We have not experienced a single incident of inappropriate peeing in four weeks. I have relaxed enough to sleep through the night instead of waking up at every sound afraid she was coming to pee on me.

Thank You!

Julia in  San Jose

Clicker training is going very well with Penny. Problem is, I have to limit her treats because she is eating a ton- lol, praise and petting works well for her too. I assembled a massive cat tree that they seem to like, working on shelving for the other room. Penny has no problem with the sock and smell. I have Penny and Kikki in the same room with clicker, meals, and play, occasionally. I don't think it will be long for Penny, at all, she has done well. Kikki has no problems with Penny at all- not scared at all.

I like your book!! Things are going fairly well.

I'll keep you posted.

Amy in Salisbury, MD

Hi Marilyn:



I hope this note finds you well, and that your beautiful cats are also doing well. I just thought I'd give you a brief update on Pippin. He is doing SOOO much better! He has calmed down tremendously, and is currently sitting next to me on the couch (Martin is sitting in the room too). He no longer runs away from Martin, and will occasionally even tolerate a brief pet from him.

He is spending far more time downstairs, and less time isolated upstairs. He
now purrs when I pick him up, and he has bonded even more strongly than ever to me. He comes when called, plays catch with me, follows me around like a puppy dog, *loves* his tunnels and scratch pads downstairs, and follows simple commands. Martin is still working with him, and Pippin is continuing to improve. Fortunately, he has not picked up any bad habits either (e.g., counter walking), and continues to be a very polite member of the household.

I have gotten Pippin comfortable going into his carrier to get treats, occasionally even when I am standing next to the carrier, but he is still too scared for me to try to close the door on him, even for a second. He doesn't stay in there long enough yet, but even that is getting better.

All the best:
Terri in Minneapolis, MN 

Hello Marilyn -

It's been quite a few months, but I wanted to give you an update on our cats.

Link and Zelda are doing well so far. We've been taking it really slowly, but we finally let them eat without a barrier between them last week and they have been doing really well (no incidents). In fact, when Zelda unexpectedly decided that she really does like wet food (she usually prefers the dry) they ended up sharing the same food bowl for awhile the other day, it was pretty cute. We've also seen some face sniffing and a small amount of head licking during their time together.
Audrey in San Lorenzo, CA



Hi Marilyn,
Just wanted to let you know that Dash is sooooo happy now. He is almost back to his old self!

He has his sanctuary room, which he loves. He also is clicker trained and loves the chicken breast treats (I ordered more online). All I have to do is "click" and he comes running home, comes straight into the house, and purrs and purrs. His tail is straight up in the air. He and Starr have had a few occasions where they've sniffed noses and both have just walked away. They sniff the socks and just walk away.

It's all going really well. Thank you for all of your guidance.

Gail in Campbell, CA


Hi Marilyn,

I'm writing to thank you for help with Myleea.  You suggested I play with her teaching her to find the toy or treat.  Well I'm telling you that was such great advice.  We've had a blast doing just that.  Matter of fact Myleea is so responsive that she finds the toy or treat anywhere brings it back to me and literally drops it in my hand.  She loves the praise and loves my clapping for her so much that if I stop she'll tap on my arm with her little black paw, This is so cool!!  Her intelligence is amazing and she is so like an F1.  Thank you again...just shows if people will listen to the expert great things happen......Linda K

Hi Marilyn,

Myleea is doing great. We do have some setbacks but really coming forward in her behavior. She loves to be in my arms and seems to understand conversation. She does cuddle with me at night as well. When we do have a setback she knows what she did...and will wait for me to come back in the room. Giving me head butts and purring. With the advice you gave me we are moving forward and she'll be fine.

Linda K in Morrisville, PA

blankWe have returned from our vacation and I thought I’d touch base.

I picked up Olive’s perch on Sunday. Attached is a picture I ended up putting it near the window, as it seemed to fit better in the house and she loves to look outside. She is so happy with it!

She almost seems like a different cat! She purrs a lot more than she used to and seems much more relaxed. She has almost completely stopped biting/scratching, and so far we have not had another peeing incident.

Thanks so much!
Susan M in San Carlos, CA


So far so good! I wanted to thank you so much for your help. It has literally changed our lives. It's one thing to read about it, and quite another to experience it.

Nanne A in New York City

Beautiful Luna

Beautiful Luna

Yes! The clicker training is working like a dream. She still likes to be by herself, but she joins us more and more. With much less hissing. Doesn't hurt that I am learning to "read" her. I have seen the skin rippling (something I did not know about), and so watch for it.

Mary in San Francisco

Hi Marilyn,

I just wanted to thank you again for your help. Things are going much better. We've added another litter box as you suggested. Mostly the ones outside the bedroom are being used by Sami but I saw Sarah use the one in the dining room once so at least she has an alternative too. We purchased a tall piece of cat furniture which I thought might at least be used by Sami. To my surprise Sarah climbs up to the third level also and I even saw her once on the top level. We've added horizontal scratching areas and I've found that they use a sisal one that I purchased. I'm giving them both more play time but I haven't yet done much with the clicker training. I'll try to find time for that.

Anyway thanks again for all you help.
Shirley in Redwood City, CA


Sami & Sarah



July 16, Just wanted to let you know that Tina is out in the living room, and it is amazing. Tina is watching TV with my daughter Keely and I. I can't thank you enough! Tina loves the treats you recommended. Will let you know when she allows me to pet her. Once again thank you so very much .
July 8, This is from Kats husband and she says you're a miracle worker! Tina is 100% better! She is out and about the house
July 8, Marilyn, Hello this is Kat. Tina is not running away from Randy, this is a miracle! She actually was in the living room playing and Randy was talking to her and she stayed! We are so pleased with her progress.
July 5, Marilyn, Thank you so much for all the help. I know we are going to be just fine. Kat PS Tina slept on her Kitty condo in the living room. Tina stayed up this am for an hour and half with me in the open space! She is really an amazing girl.
July 4 Wanted to let you know that I bought almost everything you suggested. Tina absolutely loves the turbo scratcher! I read her a book and brought it in the room. She ate a whole can of food for the first time without hiding. It is daylight and Tina and I have been together for an hour. Tina is amazed with the turbo, she pushes the ball one way then reverses, I was laughing so hard. After an hour she excused me and went under the bed so I guess we are done for the time being. I also played with her this morning when I woke up and it seems to calm her fear. Thank you so much for your expertise and I realize I have lots of work ahead, but she is so worth it.

Kathleen, Northridge, CA

WaltWanted to check in - it's been a crazy busy week - but we've kept up Walt’s clicker training every night! He is doing so well. I think he is a genius!! 😉 The cutest thing in the world: Aaron picks up the treat bag and clicker and says "hey buddy lets go in the other room" and Walt just trots after him - ADORABLE. He's good at staying on the matt, he's now jumping up onto the barstool - and he is the grand master of the nose to the tip of the eraser.

Best thing so far? the crying at the door has almost stopped. He did it for a minute 3 nights ago but that was the only time in the last week. He also hasn't tried to jet past me when I open the door! He actually moves out of the way and leads me inside! I told Aaron, maybe with the clicker training, he feels like he has a special job??

Vanessa, Menlo Park, CA


Slowly implementing elements of the strategy and it seems to be working. No urine since this arrived last Sunday. Both cats are digging it and love spending time in the top. I’ve also added smaller furniture and cardboard lounges.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m still working on hanging shelves to go next to this.

David in San Jose

Tucker and Bentley

Tucker and Bentley

Tucker is slowly turning into a cat. He is very responsive to Layard, and somewhat responsive to me. At least he no longer runs from me. He will play with a feather bird, and will sometimes investigate a puzzle box. He is also able to tolerate eating close to Bentley.

The Bentley chasing has gone down to almost none, and we are trying to praise him whenever he sits quietly in his room as Bentley passes to get to the back of the house and "his" room. T continues to be very determined, and was even able to push open a locked screen door in order to get outside, but mostly he is happy to be in.

Clicker training has progressed to trying to get him to sit on a mat. Neither of us is very good at that, but we keep trying. Food continues to be his greatest motivator.... he is needing dry food snacks during the day and seems to be doing well with that regime.

I think we are getting closer to being a 2 cat family without having to have separate quarters. We're not there yet, as B still occasionally hisses at T, but that is improving as well.

Update: We still don't trust Tucker, but he has now gone a full day without chasing Bentley. B still hisses and is understandably afraid of T, but they are able to tolerate being in the same room.
Update: I had an interesting session with both of them yesterday.... holding a "flying toy" in each hand, I was able to get them to play near each other.

Judy K, Sunnyvale, CA

Bosley is doing great!!!

Work has been more than nuts so I haven’t ordered your book yet but did see on your website that I can order it from you. Please tell me what I need to do to complete that order.

My husband recently told some friends the boys were doing good.

Just saying “thank you for saving Bosley’s life” doesn’t seem like it is enough but we do thank you more than words can express. If God had not led me to you, there’s no doubt in my mind that Bosley would not be living with us.

Michelle B in Indianola, Mississippi



Marilyn, I wanted to check in with you and let you know how we are. I think the real value of services like yours is whether they stand the test of time. With the exception of some accidents very early on when we went on vacation, we have had absolutely no problems with Gus since our consultation. He seems happier, and goodness knows we are. Thanks for giving us our living room sofas back!
Howard B in Sunnyvale, CA



The sweetheart continues making progress. No accidents so far! I am crossing my fingers. He likes new food and does not demand snacks. I give him the regular food instead.

I am absolutely THRILLED with the results. Louie and I are happy campers now. Thank you so very, very much!!!

I want you to know that I am your sincere fan and promoter. I will gladly talk about your wonderful gift/skills and distribute your business cards to the pet stores. Perhaps, you might have other promotional ideas. If so, let me please know how else I could be of help to you.

Do you want to know something? In addition to your official “the cat coach” title, I gave you an AKA name…. “the cat whisperer” 

Faina in San Jose, CA

Dear Marilyn,

Thanks again for coming last Saturday. I have some good news to report. Marta and I have been regularly training Zelda using the procedure that you gave us, with good results. We are getting better and better eye connection and we are able, after a couple of times, to make Zelda come out of her little house to get treats on the table.

Also, as you suggested we closed the other cats out of the room and we had her play with the feather toy and I can tell you that I have not seen her play like that in years (usually Trudi takes over the feather pretty quickly if we don't separate them).

In general Zelda seems happier and she spends more time outside of her little house. She even came on the couch a couple of times. Also all the cats seem to be closer to each other and more relaxed, but maybe this is just my impression.

Tiffany is eager of treats, so we have been training her too, a little less frequently, and she is definitely touching the pencil almost every time, very receptive.

Thanks again, you explained so many things that we didn't know.

Giovanni in San Jose, CA



Hi Marilyn,
Isabella is doing better and better every day. We let all the kitties mingle at night and when we are home during the weekend days.

This past weekend I left them alone in the house unsupervised for a few hours and everyone seemed to be fine. I play with them daily individually and plan on allowing them to be together unsupervised for longer periods of time gradually.

Denise and Joe in San Jose, CA


I wanted to let you know that Ivy's rate of urination accidents has decreased since I started implementing your suggestions. I don't think she's had an accident since the beginning of July. This has made our home life much less stressful for all of us (cats and humans).

Thank you very much for your suggestions and your help. It was worth it make Ivy happier and decrease her rate of accidents.

Trena in San Carlos, CA

LeoJust want to tell you what an incredible kitten Leo has become. He's still full of energy and loves to play but his aggressive behavior is gone. He's fun, playful, smart as can be and such a wonderful member of our family.
We have implemented many of your suggestions which work beautifully.

You helped us so much and want to thank you once again for your brilliant insight and advice.

Hope you enjoy the pix.

Will stay in touch.

Best Regards,
Alice, Randy and Leo in New York, NY

Just wanted to give you an update - Ping is now blended nicely into the family. I have not had a single issue with him spraying/marking, and he actually seems to enjoy the company of the other cats (unlike at my parents' house). For the most part, he seems content to be indoors. I have installed some vertical territory in the hallway and downstairs and it's very popular. 🙂

Thanks again for your help! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Stephanie in San Jose, CA

Hope you’re having a wonderful day. We sure are.
Lily’s gone an entire week eliminating appropriately! I’m so proud of her. Bangs hasn’t sprayed since we had our consultation with you nearly one month ago. We have four litter boxes and it will remain that way. Three are used far more than the fourth. The blinds are still closed (where the kids could see out to other animals). They’re still loving their new treats and cat trees.
Ellen and John in San Pedro, CA


Bangles & Lilly

We are happy to report that Ty has not peed outside his litter boxes in 28 days. He especially likes the Cat Attract clumping litter in our bedroom and near the garage door. We eliminated the Cedarific litter box, which got no or little use, in the upstairs laundry room. We are down to 5 litter boxes. Three clumping and two cedar. They both like to use the cedar for #2 and each seem to use their own. One is upstairs (Anna) and one is downstairs (Ty).

Andrea bought a puzzle box, an egg-cercizer, Da bird and a squeaky mouse that hangs from a bouncy string from our bedroom door that Ty loves. He asks for it every night which we allow only under supervised conditions.

Although we have not bought any more perches yet we have tall furniture in our bedroom which we now notice they like to hang out on.

We are also target training with a pencil eraser, clicker and tried chicken treats. Ty gladly touches the target and Anna cheats by barely touching it while eyeing us for the treat.

So we have made progress. We are not going vacation until late April so that will be the real test. Fortunately we have a long standing pet service person that comes twice a day while we are away.

Nick in Clifton Park, NY

ShetaniLast week was a little hectic since I was coming back from 2 weeks in Europe but both cats are doing extremely well and I was surprised to see that Shetani continued to improve while I was away! (my wife Karina did a terrific job replacing me :-))

He's now feeling a lot more comfortable in our presence and starts not paying attention to us when we are in the room. We continue to give him treats, playing a lot and I still sleep with him at night.

Thank you so much again for all your help.

Have a great day!

Romain in Washington, DC

I love Marilyn Krieger and I think the work she does with cats is a gift to the world.

The short form of my testimonial is that Marilyn eliminated my cat troubles in one visit.

My two cats don’t like each other because they are both older cats who are just meeting each other. One is 11 years old and I’ve had her since she was a kitten. The other is 16 years old, and was just recently rescued. Thanks to Marilyn, my cats are now as happy as ever, and so am I! My stress is down to nothing and my home life is happy again.

I can’t thank Marilyn enough and I have told her that she may use me as a reference and have people call me forever.
Madeline P. in Sunnyvale, CA

Like you, I'm also worried that Muffin is in pain when she urinates. Our vet is on sickness leave and due to come back on Monday. Although she could not come up with any reason why Muffin might be in pain, I will discuss it with her again when she is back.

On the positive side, Muffin yesterday entered the large bathroom (where her usual litter box is located) for the first time after the accident. She first went in, ran out, stayed outside for a minute and then confidently marched in and sat on top of the toilet. I think her confidence is gradually increasing thanks to your recommendations.

Thank you again for all your help. In case you didn't know, you are not helping just Muffin, you are also a source of support for me and my husband. Having an animal with a behaviour problem is a terrible burden on the psyche that very few people understand. Our families and friends think that we are crazy for cancelling our holiday plans in order to be with our furchild. I'm tired of explaining to people what an important part of our lives these two cats are, so it's wonderful to have the assistance of someone who understands.
Natalia in Thessaloniki Greece


Update on Muffin
You will be glad to know that Muffin is doing great. She is the playful, confident and affectionate kitty we knew before the accident. She has been using her litter box consistently and without a single relapse. She wasn’t fazed even when an earthquake occurred while she was in her box!

Andreas and I would like to thank you again. We are very grateful for all your wisdom and generous support. We wouldn’t have made it without you. My only regret is not having consulted with you earlier. Muffin’s problem has helped me learn much more about the feline psyche and I now urge people to seek help with behavioral problems without delay. Needless to say, I am recommending you to everyone I know, including our vet.
Natalia in Thessaloniki Greece

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how things are going.

Since we spoke on the phone, my mothers cat, Felix, has been totally fine! They put the new litter boxes in the new areas, and Felix is thanking my mother daily by kissing her in the mornings. He does not even bug her at 4am to go out. He hasnt had an accident on the couch since, and we hope never again. Its great talking to someone like you, who actually knows what they are talking about!! My bengal, Cairo, also has to thank you, since he loves having the new litterboxs and new locations. I ignore him when he meows to go outside, and now he is barely tries to make a racket at all. The toys are great too. He loves the rolling ball that you put the food/treat in.

Thanks a lot, and I am including a picture of the little boy you helped out, Cairo. he is 7 months and about 10-11 lbs. (father is around 22 I was told).
Jules in Vancouver, Canada

I just wanted to let you know that Princess is doing SO much better—more affectionate, more visible, playing with da bird—she's still a fraidy cat but much better! I do the clicker with her every night; am just starting to try to expand it a little bit—more later.
This is a fine shot of her...
Anita in Delray Beach, FL

Update on Princess
Just wanted to let you now that Princess is thriving and has become very devoted.I can even give her the ear medicine now.

I hope you are doing well. We wanted to send you a quick update about Stringer and Belle! They both seem to love the clicker training and toys. Dan built a cat tree and is working on other perch options for them around the house. They are both very playful and Belle's biting has really almost disappeared (!!). Stringer loves to cuddle with us on the couch most nights.
Mina in Burlingame, California

blankWe want to thank you for all your help with our cats Buster and Moxie. When we first contacted you on September 29, 2009 about the problems we were having with our Bengal kitten Buster, it was a final attempt to make it possible to keep Buster. He was about 51/2 months old when we first contacted you. Although he was a friendly, handsome, healthy kitten, he treated our six year old mixed breed cat Moxie terribly. He was play aggressive towards her, but often went overboard and he sometimes hurt her. The older he got the stronger and faster he got, and the worse it was. Poor Moxie was on alert all the time, and became extremely stressed. She stopped playing, and was anxious and miserable. Moxie is a wonderful, gentle cat, and it was horrible to see her so unhappy. Either Buster’s behaviour had to change and Moxie’s quality of life improve, or he had to go.

When we had our phone consultation with you, we were given many ideas to deal with Buster. After the call, we felt a mixture of hopefulness, and feeling overwhelmed. We really wanted to be able to keep Buster, but at the same time it seemed beyond us to do what we needed to do to improve the situation. And would it work? In a couple of days, we settled in, started getting supplies and doing the training you suggested, and got Buster’s brilliant mind occupied with something other than harassing Moxie. It wasn’t enough to get Buster enough physical activity. We had to give him mental challenges also.

Within a week, there was a marked difference! He still went after Moxie sometimes, but not as often or as intensely. He became more focused on the play we did with him, and he loves his puzzle toys. They both enjoy the training we are doing with them – in fact, Buster purrs all the way through it. By the end of the first week, we went from hopeless to feeling hopeful. Thank heavens we called you! I know otherwise we would have just given up and placed him.

Now Buster is eight months old. He still has days when his behaviour toward Moxie is a problem, but most of the time he is pretty good. They eat their dry food together from the cat puzzle box. (I’ve enclosed two photos of them sharing a meal). They occasionally do actually play together now – with Moxie playing with him instead of having to defend herself from him. Also, several times now Moxie has given Buster face washes. Moxie has become much more settled and back to her usual playful, sweet, happy self. And Buster is a happy, healthy, energetic, intelligent young cat. He is fun, fascinating and gorgeous. Buster is now a true member of our ‘family’.

Again, thank you Marilyn. We were truly lost in trying to deal with our problem kitty. We couldn’t have done it without you. We all thank you!

With our sincere gratitude,
Leslie, Richard, Moxie and Buster in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

Just to let you know that things are going well. House is a bit of a mess (understatement) but that's small stuff. I've got lots of litter boxes but he seems to prefer a specific one on each floor. The Anti-Icky Poo is a life saver - I'm using the unscented which leaves residue but no smell at all (urine or sickly cover-up scent). He has many new toys - really likes the horizontal scratcher with ball. There is now a 7ft climbing tree that he absolutely loves and takes long naps in. Overall his disposition is calmer and more affectionate. I can't tell you how much improved life is around here. I am recommending you to my vet.
Thanks again for the help!
Meryl in New York

blankI just want to thank you for the assistance you provided us with Marvin. He is now regularly using the litter box and has not had a mishap for several weeks. Thanks to your advice, Marvin is no longer associating the litter box with pain and appears content to use the box again even if we are in the room with him.

While the cause was medical and we knew Marvin was not inappropriately eliminating outside of the box for no apparent reason, it was very nerve racking waking up every morning wondering whether he would “go” somewhere he should not have. We are grateful to you for providing us with several options on how to retrain him to use the litter box and for always being available to answer any follow up questions we had regarding Marvin and our other cats.

Now on to the clicker training… We will let you know how that goes.

Thanks again!
Desmarie in Alexandria, VA 

Just a quick note to you. Susanne and I have been dilligently tracking the progress of each cat. Oskar is on the new food for the most part, although Dima the younger one, is still refusing anything other than dry food. The new location for the boxes is working well. They aren't even using the origional boxes at all, and I have made sure to spend at least a half hour each night playing with them, although I am busier at work now more than ever.

No marking at all so far. I cleaned one of the rugs and returned it to the living room, although, it is still roled up. And......I will clean the green rug, or just through it out. Not sure just yet.
Anthony in Malibu, California

It was nice to see you at the cat show! I wanted to send you an update - Padme and Obi Wan are doing really well. We're reminding Calum on a daily basis to stay away from the 'cats' space'. He's doing fairly well with that. We have not had any inappropriate elimination since we introduced the new boxes. We've taken 2 away in the past 2 weeks and still no problems. We're still doing clicker training and I've almost got Obi shaking hands. Padme has taken to the window perch in the front bedroom when the sun is shining in. They both seem happier!
Robin in Menlo Park, California


Brooke has been fantastic. We can't ask for a better cat! She stopped using the litterbox in the bathroom and it has since been removed. There has not even been one elimination mishap. She has been perfect with using her remaining two litterboxes! She mostly only uses the lid of litter. She has a lot of toys now. She especially likes cat toy balls and when Ryan feeds her cat treats.

She is always interacting with the family and will not leave the room where we are located. Even when we bathe Ryan in the evening, she is right there "helping." Each night after Ryan is put to sleep, we watch some TV downstairs. As soon as I sit down, Brooke is right there sitting next to me. She sleeps in bed with us and gets along with the neighborhood dogs and kids. She has made a complete turnaround and all talk of returning her to the shelter has ceased. The long term goal is to have her trained so she could visit patients in hospitals or nursing homes. She has the perfect temperament and personality for it!
Mary in Carpentersville, Illinois

Wanted to let you know that Chloe has been near perfect since your home visit. We haven't heard her growl in weeks. Last time she got really agitated was the day of the bobcat visit. She mastered all of her"chores" quickly, esp the snack ball.
Maribel in Cupertino, California


I just wanted to update you on the situation with the cats. I have to say that everything is much better!!! No more avoidance of litter boxes. I decided to leave 5 boxes. It seems to work well.

In terms of Emy and Camila, they still hiss at each other at times, but nothing compared to what went on before.

I followed all your suggestions except for the clicker. I don't know why, but it didn't seem to work for me.

I certainly would recommend your services to anyone. And I want to express my appreciation for your thoughtful, lengthy attention to my questions. Hope all is well with you.
Yolanda in Florida

Just a quick note to let you know that we're doing GREAT! We've been leaving Bunter and Benno out together during the day (still separating them at night) and they both seem happy and relaxed. A few times when I've come home from work, I've found them sleeping together on our bed, so there must not be hard feelings between them.

We did get a second Turbo Scratcher, and this posed a brief problem as Bunter didn't want Benno to use either of them, but we solved the problem by putting the Turbo Scratchers in separate rooms; Bunter can't be two places at once.

Then, last night, we were so proud of Bunter. We were all awakened in the middle of the night by a cat yowling outside. Not fighting noises, more angry yowling. Bunter hopped off the bed and jumped up onto the window shelf in our room, looked out for a while, then after a bit settled down on the bed and went back to sleep. There was absolutely no growling or other signs of distress. He was clearly very interested in what was going on outside, but not undone by it.

All this being said, they still do have spats from time to time (although we haven't seen Bunter displaying any status aggression in the last few days) and we're aware that there's still a way to go. BUT, we're just so pleased to be seeing marked improvements in their interactions, and Bunter especially seems less edgy these days. Thank you!!
Katy in Menlo Park, California

Update on Bunter and Benno
I found Bunter and Benno practically snuggled up together on the bed when I came home from work this afternoon!

Over three years we spent thousands of dollars on replacement furnishings, prescription medications, vet visits and pet care products. Nothing worked for more than a few days. We dreaded coming home from work, never knowing what we would find. The peed-on Christmas tree was our breaking point. Unwilling to surrender the two newest cats to a rescue, we turned to The Cat Coach for expert assistance. After two telephone sessions with Marilyn, the tide turned. It’s been hard work and it’s always tempting to backslide into our old ways. Marilyn taught us to consider things from the cats’ perspective and to get desired behaviors by modifying our interactions and environment. Her clear explanations and instructions helped defuse the anger and frustration we felt, and gave us tools to work with. Two months later, we have our home back and our life back. Instead of being held hostage by our six cats, we can enjoy their company again and they know who’s running the show.

Thank you, Marilyn!
Julie C. in New Jersey


Just wanted to give you a Poppet/Brutus update. Things are going BEAUTIFULLY!! Since Thanksgiving, Poppet has been a well-mannered little lady and apparently has decided that Brutus is OK and no threat to her. He is still barking, but now she just sits on the back of the couch and looks at him with a "what's-your-problem" look on her face and is not upset or alarmed, whatsoever. She is cool,calm and relaxed. Not one act of aggression at all. She is even sleeping on the bed with all of us at night!!!!!
I want to thank-you SO much for all the help you gave me, as it was YOUR direction that did the trick . . . It was your advice and direction that gave a happy resolution to all this. THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of Poppet who will have a happy home here with me as long as she wants it.

NO MORE shelters for her!!! YAY!

Brenda M. in Rockville, MD

blankThank you Marilyn!!!
When we talked about Tish's PICA and peeing problems, you and I both were leaning towards OCD being his primary problem. Your suggestions at removing all non edible, dangerous chewables and redirecting him to favorable (safe) chewables--worked wonders while we waited for our vet visit. It has been nearly a full 7 days since Satish was Vet diagnosed with OCD. Your thoughts in regards to medications, were also appreciated by my vet.

I was surprised the little guy responded so quickly to his combined therapy, redirection, behavior modification, praise and medication. I have only caught him just once nibbling on a corner wood very lightly and that was days ago...

Another side note...Tish's peeing outside the box has seemed to stop---I have searched high and low and I cannot find any sins. I think this might have been part of his OCD. If any other cat peed in HIS litter box it was not fit to use. Even if it were cleaned. So the medication is working well with that too.

Tish is a very special boy who was rehomed twice because of his problems. And the sucking, chewing and ingesting of material once nearly cost him his life. We Love Tish so much and there was no way I would ever give up hope on him. But you quickly set us on the right path to a healther life for Tish. We started Tish on the lowest possible medication dose as I just couldn't bear to have a throw pillow cat. The 1/2 ml/cc 1x a day seems to be effective dose for this almost 9 lb boy. I know this is a long time therapy and we are prepared to go the distance.
Thank you CAT COACH (aka Marilyn)
Tracy P. in Oregon

I just wanted to give you an update. Widget is settling down nicely! He has started asking me to play by bringing me a toy or sitting on my lap (or face, whichever is easier!) instead of meowing. Matt has really been making an effort, and he is already seeing rewards. Widget sits on his lap now in the mornings, which he never used to do. I feel like their bond is getting back to the way it was when Widgy was a kitten.
He still meows now and then in the evening, but it's much less.

Thanks again for all your help - we are definitely seeing improvement!
Joselyne S. in Santa Barbara, CA

Marilyn-Pesta-Cat-TestimonialI was making a second attempt to move my 16 year old outdoor cat, Bear, indoors. Upon her arrival to my condo, I rolled up all the area rugs and carpets and put my ottoman on top of the chair to prevent her from urinating on anything I didn't want ruined.

To my dismay, I saw the same behavior as before no matter what arrangements I made for her in my home. I called Marilyn as a last ditch effort. Marilyn had suggested I take Bear into the vet to make sure she wasn't dealing with any medical challenges. She came out with a clean bill of health, but I did not leave the vets office before venting my frustration over her behavior. The vet then proceeded to have a talk with me about putting her to sleep.

Bear's last chance was literally riding on the help I would get from Marilyn. She came over and gave me a number of recommendations. I picked the ones that I thought would give me and the cats the greatest benefit without completely compromising my living situation. As it turned out, Marilyn gave me just the right recommendations.

My boyfriend and I now enjoy the company of two beautiful cats. I now have two well behaved cats and we both enjoy Bear's company whether she is greeting us when we come home or when she jumps on our laps while we are watching TV. Such a big difference from her arrival when she hid under the bed, hissed and drew blood almost anytime anyone other than me pet her.

I'm so grateful for the help that Marilyn offered. It's priceless to have a home with two cats that I've had for over 16 years finally able to live together in peace.
Marilyn P. in San Jose, CA

Well, it has been a while since the behavioral training phone call and I just wanted to give you an update on Iodine. I talked to my mother-in-law and Iodine is doing great. She is sleeping with them at night, traveling better, eating and using her litter box and playing with the other cat. Even her howling has decreased. They are really enjoying her companionship in the house and she is fitting in nicely with them. I am not sure which of the tips did the trick, but we did them all. One or all of them worked.

Thanks again for the advice and support. We really appreciate it!
Farah in San Diego, CA

Marilyn helped save our family. Our male cat Ricky attacked our female cat Lucy multiple times because he was scared after moving from Folsom to the bay area. After the last attack, Lucy would hiss at Ricky whenever she saw him so we had to keep them separated. We were afraid that we would have to give one of the cats away if they could not live together peacefully anymore. We saw Marilyn's card at a pet store and decided to ask her for help. Marilyn came over to meet the cats and provided us with a detailed behavior modification plan. We followed each step of the plan and the cats responded really well. After some time, the Ricky and Lucy were able to be in the same room again without any negative consequences. Marilyn called us weekly to check in and was always willing to help through email as well. We have since moved to a house and Marilyn also helped us through this move.

Ricky and Lucy are now back to the happy cats that they were before we moved from Folsom. We are so grateful for everything that Marilyn taught us and the support that she provided. We thought that we were good cat parents before, but now we know the best ways to help Ricky and Lucy. We now better understand the signs of aggression, fear and happiness in the cats.

Thank you Marilyn for everything! We could not have made it through this without you! We would highly recommend you to anyone having behavior issues with their cat(s).
Lisa K. in San Carlos, CA

I have been working with Marilyn to try to change the behaviors of my cat Madeline. Before working with Marilyn, Madeline was spraying regularly in my house. I really thought I was going to have to get rid of Maddy. I had tried everything I could think of. Marilyn has been a wonderful help in determining the triggers that set Maddy off and has given us many great suggestions on changing Maddy's behaviors. The suggestions have helped tremendously and Maddy is back to being the sweet kitty I love so much. I highly recommend Marilyn Krieger for you cat issues.
Lauren Fields

Hi Marilyn
WOW I cannot believe it - we are at 100%. No problems and her behavior has taken a 360 degree turn around. Tango also has settle down since we moved the cat scratched into the bed room. They both have their hierarchical rules, and I am happy to report I own two very happy Bengals.
Please give your client my cell number as well as my email. Your help saved both my Bengals. I never shared this with you - I had decided to give the cats away prior to your consultation. Had we not resolved the problems I would most likely given them to Glenda's family. Thank my luck stars you came into our life. I cannot imagine life without my two girls.
Juan H. in San Jose, CA

Hi Marilyn
We had the baby early on the 14th. Everything is going well with the cats in respect to the baby. There has been no aggressive behavior. Tigger has been very sweet and calm around the baby.
Jennifer A. in Morgan Hill, CA

I would highly recommend that you meet with Marilyn, she is absolutely amazing when it comes to Bengal behavior. I used her recently to assist me with an issue that I was have with my Bengal Tigger. Before reaching out to her I was on the brink of putting him down. After implementing several of her suggestions I now have my wonderful Tigger back better than ever. The best investment I've made all year.
Lisa in Bristol, CT

I just wanted to thank you for your article in Cat Fancy about Clicker Training. I started working with a new arrival- a 6 month old kitten (feral) who was rescued from the jaws of a feral dog before he became the top menu choice. Livingston has been very reserved, skittish and scared of his own shadow, which is totally understandable given what he lived through (hence his name.)

After reading your article, I was inspired to use a clicker to get Liv out from under the futon (his favorite hiding spot.) Although his physical scars have healed, his emotional ones run much deeper. Using baby food, a plastic spoon and clicker- he has finally realized that the miller home is a safe haven. It took some doing, but now he is joining the rest of the group downstairs during the day.

So thank you on behalf of myself and this little tuxedo kitty who it seemed had been destined to live underneath the futon quaking in fear at any loud noise or sudden movement.
Mary Anne Miller

Marilyn, as you are well aware, rescue situations occur more often due to a medical or behavioral problem, than an actual crisis for the cat. As the owner of the email rescue list for bengal cats, I have watched you interact with the members, and have seen your willingness to step up and provide support and information. What is really great is to see a post back advising how the information and guidance you provided helped someone resolve a problem and keep their beloved pet. As a member of several bengal cat organizations, I have had the opportunity to read many of the articles you have written that are mentioned on your site. The information provided is both sound and informative. Your recommendations for handling rescue cats and acclimating them to new environments are excellent. This information is so important in rescue, and I appreciate all the work you have done to help people work through and resolve these types of situations.

Sal Vitale
Acting President & Nat'l. Contact, Bengal Rescue Network List Owner, BengalCatRescue @ Yahoogroups.com

Dear Marilyn Krieger, "The Cat Coach",
I had a very wild little kitty, who, when she was born was immediately named "Hurricane Betsy". When we received her she owned the ground she stood on, and that was when she was only five weeks old. She often had me for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and amazingly still found room in her tiny tummy for her kitten food.

We were in dire need for your help, as our kitty was practically leaving us shredded. We have followed your advice and noticed an immediate difference in her behavior. It's wonderful to find a person like you, someone trained and in a position to advise, who has genujine respect and love for cats, and people too.

Thanks to you, our wild little kitty is now a darling kitty who knows she's loved, who still owns the ground she walks on, but who shares that space of ground with us lovingly. Thank you Marilyn.
I would highly recommend you to everyone I know and to those I have yet to meet. You are such a lovely person with a sincere passion to help others who don't have your skills. You have a perfect balance of skill and awesome understanding of one of God's most beautiful creatures on this earth, "The Cat".

Thank you so very much for doing what you do.
Jan S. in San Jose, CA

Volunteer of the Month
Marilyn Krieger comes twice a week to answer cat questions on our Behavior Helpline, a free service for the public. She is always eager to help as much as she can, and no matter how complicated the issue she manages to point adopters in the right direction. Her friendly response and knowledge of cat behavior make cllers feel understood and happy to have her advice. Marilyn has recently expanded her volunteer dutiesby helping our behavior Department to shadow new Cat TLC volunteers. We are very grateful to have Marilyn among our volunteers!
Fetch, a monthly newsletter for Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA volunteers and staff July 2006

Fred Russian Blue Cat

The Cat Coach, Marilyn Krieger, has truly rescued my relationship with Fred, my 5-year-old Russian Blue. I brought him home when he was 11 weeks old, and from the beginning he was the sweetest, most loving kitten, adorable, playful, curious, instantly welcoming of his tiny harness and leash… And of course he loved to play a little bit rough, isn’t that how all kittens are? But I never succeeded in changing that quality in Fred. I did not know what to do. We’d be in fine accord, walking out together, hanging around inside, and then, sometimes completely out of the blue, he’d bite or scratch me and always draw blood. It got so bad that on some days I wondered how I could give him away! I was heartbroken that my one constant companion was unreliable, and just when things were going along OK he would attack again. My love for him eroded. The week that he leapt up and dangled from his teeth around my wrist was the week I found out about The Cat Coach and I got in touch right away.
Marilyn’s work is excellent. She sent me an 8-page questionnaire and by the time I’d finished it I had a pretty good idea what I was doing wrong. Then she telephoned and we had a very long telephone call. I learned how to deal with Fred’s attacks effectively without punishment (i.e., the Spritzer). I learned ways to prevent the dynamic leading to an attack: play with him consistently, play more, play like a wounded bird, even clicker-train! There were many issues we discussed. Then she sent me a 3-page treatment plan so I would not forget her recommendations. She told me that changing a relationship with a cat is not always straightforward, that it is often a case of two steps forward, one step back. Fred and I have made three steps forward, one step back. So far! This process remains interesting and powerful. Almost all attack behavior has stopped (or, at least, been diverted to the Cat Dancer) and when I see the signs of impending attack I know how to prevent it. All of this has restored Fred to me, my little blue cat who is beautiful and funny and sweet. We are partners in rebuilding a happy home life, and The Cat Coach has made this possible for us.
Thanks, Marilyn!
Judith W. in Cambridge, MA

I can't begin to express my relief at having my old cat and the new cat now getting along famously. In the beginning the older cat was totally intolerant of the new cat coming into the home and it felt pretty hopeless in having these two cats ever begin to tolerate each other.
Fortunately for me, I found The Cat Coach and following Marilyn's plan and working her recommendations faithfully, success was achieved. She presents a comprehensive plan, allowing for major differences and options due to the diversity of cat's behaviours, that allows success.
Rosemary in Morgan Hill, CA

Marilyn has a real in-depth understanding of cat behavior. She has worked with me in adjusting two older Bengal cats into my home. She responds to both e-mails and provides excellent phone discussions and recommendations. I have followed her advice and resolved initial eating problems, spraying caused by two unfamiliar cats defining their territory, and older cats getting along with each other after being introduced to a new home. I deeply appreciate her knowledge and advice and would strongly recommend her to anyone needing to resolve behavior issues with cats.
Jerry Z. in Palo Alto, CA

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