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The Cat Coach® Process

During the initial contact with The Cat Coach® you will be asked to give a brief description of the behavior issues that you would like to resolve. The Cat Coach® will outline the consultation process and the levels of services that are available. A behavior history questionnaire will then be sent for you to fill out and return to The Cat Coach®.

After the questionnaire is completed, The Cat Coach® will set up an appointment either in your home, or on the phone, depending on the level of service that will be provided. Through conversation and observation, The Cat Coach® will assess all factors that could be contributing to the behavior challenge. It is always best to meet the cat in his own environment. Home consultations allow The Cat Coach® to meet the cat and observe environmental factors along with interactions that may be contributing to the problem. Pictures or videos are often requested for phone consultations.

During consultations, The Cat Coach® provides a verbal diagnosis and plan for treating the problem. Recommendations will be sent within three-four working days.

After the initial consultation, The Cat Coach® is available for follow-ups by e-mail for 30 days at no additional fee.

Call us about designing the plan that work best for you.

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