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Bengal Cats Use Their Litter Boxes!

Bengal Cats do not have more inappropriate elimination issues then any other breed of cat. Unfortunately there are many people who believe or want to believe that Bengal Cats have more inappropriate elimination challenges then other breeds of cats. Many of these people have a biased against Bengals, or I should say, the idea of […]

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Tall Tails

Cats have evolved a complex and effective communication system. Every part of a cat is a perfect little communication device, broadcasting messages to their world about their intentions and their emotional and physical states. A cat can communicate more effectively then an iPhone with just a simple movement of the head, a flattening of a […]

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The Negatives of Positive Punishment

Recently, I had a consultation with a client whose cat decided to not urinate consistently in her litter box. As soon as the client filled out my history form and after I saw the litter box situation, I knew immediately why her cat wasn’t using the box. An easy fix… But this blog entry isn’t about […]

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Litter Box Issues Teleconference

I am teaching a teleconference tonight through Raising Canine. The 90 minute class is all about inappropriate elimination (litter box and spraying issues). The class starts at 5:00 PM (PT) and is a combination of a PowerPoint presentation (sent upon enrolling) and a phone conference. Please go to Raising Canine to enroll… you need to […]

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A Magic Cat

I don’t usually talk about my clients. I might share cases and talk about interesting cases, but naming the client is something I normally don’t do. I’m breaking my rule… with permission from Lorraine, the new mom of a lovely F1 Bengal. I’ve posted a picture of this lovely boy at the end of this […]

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Demystifying The Cat

Dogs have owners, cats have staff. Cats do what they want. Dogs come when they're called. Cats take a message and get back to you. Cats are mysterious. These are a few of the misconceptions and cutisms that feed a false myth about cats. Cute as some of these sayings may sound, they have perpetuated […]

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Cat Behavior Blog: Beginnings

Welcome to my blog. This is a new adventure for me... blogging... I've never blogged. I do write a weekly cat behavior column for the Cat Channel and a monthly column for Cat Fancy Magazine. Blogging is a new experience for me. Naturally, I plan to write about cat behavior and about training cats. Yes, […]

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