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October 14, 2019

Prepare Two Emergency Pet Supply Kits

09.14.14 Prepare 2 emergency pet supply kits—one to keep at home if an emergency such as an earthquake occurs and the other to take with you. Kits should include: 3 day supply of food and water, medications and medical records in a water-proof container, pet first aid kit, collars with ID tags, walking jackets for cats, harness and leash, cat box and litter, pet carriers, non-toxic cleaning solutions, important documents.

Cat behaviorist cat sporting her walking jacket

Jenniyha sporting her walking jacket


Emergency Evacuation Pet Tip

09.07.14 Do not leave your pets behind, take them with you. Arrange for a safe place to go if you have to evacuate. Find friends and relatives outside your area willing to provide you and your pets’ shelter. Locate hotels and inns that accept animals. Check out kennels and boarding facilities. Many vet hospitals board pets. Local animal shelters may provide emergency shelters or foster care as well. List contact information for these safe havens and keep it with the emergency supplies.

If forced to evacuate, do not leave pets at home

If forced to evacuate, do not leave pets at home. Photo by Shutterstock