Purrs Help Newborn Kittens Survive

04/12/15 - by TheCatCoach

04.12.15 Kittens are born blind and deaf. The vibration of their mother’s purr helps guide newborns to their first meals. Purring also helps keep them safe from predators. Because purr vibrations are not as easily detected as meows and other vocalizations, it is harder for predators to find the newborns. Purrs help newborn kittens survive.

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Purrs help new borns survive

Purrs help new borns survive. by Fotolia.


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One comment on “Purrs Help Newborn Kittens Survive”

  1. This is really interesting information! I didn't know that the vibrations from a mama cat's purr helps their newborn kittens to survive. It's interesting that they use their purr to direct the newborns where to eat, and also to let them know if they detect a predator. That would explain why you usually hear them purr while they're feeding their kittens. Thanks for posting this!

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