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March 2, 2021

Sunny Seat Review

It’s been one year… since I’ve blogged. It’s about time I wrote an entry or two…

I was asked to review a product and then blog about it. I haven’t reviewed many cat products, but thought this could be fun to do. After all, I am living with the perfect product testers.

The product is the Sunny Seat. It’s a cat shelf that attaches to a window with suction cups. The product is advertised through a TV Infomercial.

Since I am always looking for vertical territory solutions for my cat behavior consultation clients, I thought that this could be an interesting product to review. If it is a product that withstands the maulings and use from my product testers, then it is a product that would be listed on the product pages I give my clients. I was very honest with the Sunny Seat people. What I find, I will post. Also, since years ago I worked as a Human Factors Engineer for a large networking company, I am no stranger to product testing and testing for usability.

First, meet the product testers:

Product Tester 1: Sudan. Sudan is a 23 pound Savannah male cat. He’s very active and enjoys jumping and exploring, was once observed jumping up to a shelf 7 feet above the floor.

Product Tester 2: Jinniyha. Jinniyha is an acrobatic 13 pound melanistic Bengal. She is flexible and agile, loves performing acrobatic feats. The higher up the better. I swear I once saw her hang upside down by her tail from the top of an 8’ high shelf.

Product Tester 3: Maulee. Maulee is an 18 year young Bengal who loves actively climbing and then napping.

My 3 Product Testers are ready for the challenge…
Product Testers 1 & 2

Product Tester#1: Sudan Krieger Product Tester #2: Jinniyha Krieger

Product Tester #3

Product Tester #3: Maulee Krieger

Bengal Cats Use Their Litter Boxes!

Bok Choi, a Bengal

Bengal Cats do not have more inappropriate elimination issues then any other breed of cat.

Unfortunately there are many people who believe or want to believe that Bengal Cats have more inappropriate elimination challenges then other breeds of cats. Many of these people have a biased against Bengals, or I should say, the idea of Bengals, since Bengals have an Asian Leopard Cat as an ancestor. Additionally, through the years, there has been a lot of false information out on the internet about Bengals, information that if you have common sense, makes no sense…

This false information is very harmful. This is the type of myth that gets Bengals euthanized and discarded. Yes, they can have inappropriate elimination challenges, but so does every other breed of cat., some more then Bengals.

The number one behavior problem that cats are surrendered to shelters for is inappropriate elimination. All breeds of cats, including moggies… it doesn’t matter. This is not a breed specific problem. As a certified cat behavior consultant, the number one problem people come to me for consultations about is inappropriate elimination. I see all breeds that have this challenge, including moggie kitties, and, I will add, the majority of the time the triggers are related to something either in the environment or actions that the cat’s human companions are doing, or not doing. But that’s a future blog…

Bengal Cats are not prone to peeing outside of the litter box. I keep a record of the cats I see in my practice and what their challenges are. There is one breed of cat that hands down rightfully has earned the title and it is not the Bengal Cat, but yet people still perpetuate the myth that Bengals have litter box issues.