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January 26, 2021

Best Cat Carriers for Veterinarian Visits

01.25.15 Vet visits are notoriously stressful for cats and people. The best cat carriers for veterinarian visits are hard shelled with detachable tops. Tops are easily removed, allowing veterinarians to do partial and sometimes complete exams while the cats are still in their carriers.

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Make Cat Carriers Fun for Cats

Cats can be persuaded without being stressed or traumatized to willingly go into their carriers. Start by keeping the carrier out at all times—your cat will become used to it. Than encourage her to hang out in it by giving her treats and playing with her in it. Place an article of clothing with your scent on it in the carrier to help reassure her that it is not a scary place. Make cat carriers fun for cats.

Leave cat carriers out.

Leave cat carriers out. by Marilyn Krieger, CCBC.

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Cat Carrier Tip: The Best Carrier for the Job

09.17.12 Hard sided carriers that come apart are great choices for the trip to the veterinarian. The tops can be taken off, making it easier for the veterinarian to examine the cat while she is in the carrier.  

Cat Carrier Tip: Permanent Fixture

09.02.12 Help cats adjust to their carriers by placing them permanently in areas where the cats have access to them. Make them fun places to hang out, by feeding treats and playing with your cat in and around the carriers. More on cats and carriers in my latest blog.