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July 13, 2020


Everyone, I am so moved by your comments on the blog and by the personal e-mails you’ve sent regarding the loss of Bok Choi. Your support and understanding truly is amazing. Thank you so much. Please understand that I can’t answer each of your posts, but know that they are appreciated and that I am grateful for them. Many of you came over and showed your support from Fabulous Lorraine. Thank you Lorraine for your friendship and support.

Helping a loving fur-child cross over is one of the most painful and hardest responsibilities that we as animal caregivers have.  I feel that if we are to share in the joy of their lives, we must be willing to share the sad times as well, including the painful act of humanely helping them cross over when it’s their time.

Goodbye my sweet boy. You are missed


Bok Choi
Bok Choi Saber Merkaba 10.30.2001-11.15.2008



We know that are fur kids don’t live as long as we do. We don’t want them to hurt or to be in pain… they share their lives with us and give us their love. Painful and awful as it is, I feel we need to be with them when they cross the bridge.

I will help Bok Choi cross the bridge today at 11:00. It tears me up to do this, but today he refused to eat even his very favorite food and I think he is in pain.

It’s time.