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January 18, 2021

What an Honor! Nominee for Best Cat Behavior Book

Readers Choice Awards Nominee

Nominee for Best Cat Behavior Book

Thank you everyone who nominated my book Naughty No More! for the About.com Readers Choice Awards for the best book on cat behavior. Not only did I not expect it, I never knew about the contest until I got a wonderful letter a couple of nights ago informing me that my book was one of the nominees. I am truly honored, especially since I am in the company of two other highly respected authors who have written excellent books.

The voting is opened through March 21st. You can vote every day on the About.com site. In order to vote, you need to be logged in either to your Facebook account or your About.com account.

Naturally, I want to win—and I would love your vote. But, I truly consider it an honor just to be nominated.

Thank you everyone who nominated me! One cool thing… is that I can now proudly wear the about.com nominee badge on the home page of my site!


Soon Back in the Racks–Naughty No More!

Naughty No More!

Naughty No More! by Marilyn Krieger, CCBC

My book Naughty No More! has not disappeared. My publisher sold about 1/3 of the inventory to Pet Smart last August and then ordered a second reprinting. The book is scheduled to be back in the warehouse around October 20th. I have no idea how that equates in Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble time. Meantime it has been kind of fun as well as somewhat disturbing to see someone trying to sell a used copy of Naughty No More! on Amazon for $900… that’s just weird. The good news is that soon, it will be back on Amazon for a reasonable price. Thankfully, it is available in all flavors of e-book. After my book is back up on Amazon, I wonder if that used, dog-eared copy will still be offered for $900.