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January 24, 2021

The Right Way to Greet Cats

12.28.14  The right way to greet cats. Instead of approaching or cornering the cat, position your index finger about 8” above the ground and point it towards her. She may be as close as a couple of feet from you or across the street. If she wants to socialize, she’ll approach you and touch your finger with her nose. Then she’ll turn her head until your finger is on her cheek. She will probably rub your finger and hand, marking you with pheromones produced by scent glands located on her cheeks. This is your invitation to pet her.

Maulee, the author’s cat, greeting her.

Maulee, the author’s cat, greeting her. by Marilyn Krieger.

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Introductions the Happy Way

01.13.13  Introducing cats to each other in a stress-free fashion can takes months and should never be rushed.  There are 3-4 phases to the process. Throughout the introduction, the cats should be kept separated from each other. Each needs their own sanctuary room where the other is not allowed until the final phase of the introduction.