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June 26, 2017

Train Cats to Scratch the Right Furniture

Set up for success: cat scratching info-graphic

Many cats are unnecessarily declawed because they scratch household furniture. Although cats have to scratch, they can be easily trained to scratch appropriate objects and avoid scratching couches and carpets.

This info-graphic describes why cats have to scratch and how you can train cats to scratch the right furniture. It is my hope that it will help keep cats from becoming declawed. It first appeared in an article I wrote titled How to Train Cats to Scratch Only Where They Should for Catster.com

You are welcome to use and distribute it as is, without alteration.

Cats can be trained to scratch the right furniture by Marilyn Krieger, CCBC

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  1. Lin Whitman says:

    cats don’t like citrus so I hung citrus scented car air fresheners a round the couch. Worked really well

    • Citrus can work as a deterrent, but at the same time, the reasons for the scratching has to be addressed. Place Scratching posts and horizontal scratchers near the couch.

  2. Marcia Dwire says:

    Nothing has worked with my cat!! I’ve tried everything.

  3. Well I cannot use the double sided tape because one of my cats picks it off and eats it!! I did, however, place appropriate scratching posts where they would frequently want to scratch and they did use the posts.

  4. They like their scratching posts (one preferring jute, while the other prefers carpeting), but they also love my 9′ x 12′ Berber rug. (One of the scratching posts is on the rug.) I can’t wrap the big rug in a sheet or figure out how I might, otherwise, protect it. Sigh … it is now pretty much wrecked, anyhow. 🙁

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  6. Wish I had seen this before I got the last two cats.


  1. The D Word | says:

    […] Info-graphic source the The Cat Coach […]

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