Bengal Rescue Update 35 Now 45

09/22/09 - by TheCatCoach

The 35 are now 45…

Here’s what the count is:

20 whole adult males of all ages

12 whole adult females of all ages

9 kittens

4 already neutered males.

I hope to have more pictures up within the week.

I have made appointments at the clinic for October. The whole adult cats will be getting fixed in batches. 7-10 cats will be brought in, according to what the clinic can handle. The kittens are not ready for their surgery, they will be fixed in a few months when they are older. If you can help us with this rescue, please send donations through PayPal to: and write in the memo or subject head that it’s for California. We are a 5013C organization, so whatever you donate can be written off.

We have received fabulous donations from people. We so appreciate it. We’re not quite where we need to be yet. We have just enough to cover the spay’/neutering, but we need to buy hard plastic carriers for the cats. The clinic wants the cats transported in hard, plastic carriers.  And we need some money for food. We have gotten some food in which is wonderful, at this point we have enough for about one month.

We can also use another person or two to help with transporting the cats to the clinic and then back again. It’s about a one hour drive to the clinic. There are 4 different dates scheduled in October. It means early mornings, since the clinic wants them between 7-7:30 AM. We also need foster homes and good adopters.

Again, thank you everyone for your support, both financially and morally. I will post pictures when they come in, both here and on the California Bengal Cat Rescue site.

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