Prepare Two Emergency Pet Supply Kits

09/14/14 - by TheCatCoach

09.14.14 Prepare 2 emergency pet supply kits—one to keep at home if an emergency such as an earthquake occurs and the other to take with you. Kits should include: 3 day supply of food and water, medications and medical records in a water-proof container, pet first aid kit, collars with ID tags, walking jackets for cats, harness and leash, cat box and litter, pet carriers, non-toxic cleaning solutions, important documents.

Cat behaviorist cat sporting her walking jacket

Jenniyha sporting her walking jacket


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2 comments on “Prepare Two Emergency Pet Supply Kits”

  1. I would like advice for a proper, safe walking jacket for my two cats. I'm going to be moving across country soon, and want to find good ones, that fit, so I can get them used to them.

    1. I can't recommend specific vendors, but you want to make sure that the cat cannot work his way out of the jacket or slip out of it. A good fit is mandatory. Buying custom made jackets for your cats are the best way to go--measurements are needed for perfect fits.

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