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July 9, 2020

Cat Bits & Bytes

I have started a weekly feature on the home page of my Cat Coach site. It is called Cat Bits & Bytes. In theory, I will be posting a cat behavior tip every week on the home page. The older cat tips will be moved to a separate page, so they won’t be lost forever when they are replaced each week with a new tip.

So far I’ve posted one tip. With a little bit of luck I will post a new one every week…. I should be able to do this…  Blogging about my new Cat Bits & Bytes tips will hopefully give me the incentive. In theory, I shouldn’t have a problem writing a tip every week since like clockwork, I’ve written one column a week since 2007 for www.catchannel.com. The difference between my new Cat Bits & Bytes tips and my catchannel.com columns is one I’m paid for the other I’m not.

Check it out! The first tip is focusing on a popular subject: Litter Box Maintenance.

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