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08/06/12 - by TheCatCoach

Last week I took three days off and went on a mini-vacation with my mother, sister and my mother’s dog. We chose to vacation in one of our favorite towns, Carmel, California. I seldom take vacations. Why should I? I love what I do—I have the best job in the world. I meet lots of fabulous cats and their people and help solve cat behavior problems. The downside of taking vacations, even a mini-vacation is that it takes me away from cats—mine and my clients.

Carmel is the perfect place for a vacation, especially if you love dogs. Many restaurants have seating areas for dogs and their people. The Cypress Inn even hosts a Yappy Hour. People and their dogs can congregate every evening at 4:30 for drinks, appetizers, dog biscuits and dog talk. The Carmel City Beach is another perfect gathering place for dogs and their people. Dogs can cavort and run off leash while their people hobnob, mostly about dogs.

Dogs are fine, but they aren’t cats.

Although Carmel is dog centric, many hotels welcome cats as well. My mother chose well. She found the Carmel Country Inn. In addition to being a really nice place to stay, the inn accommodates both cats and dogs.  Even better, they have their own resident cat Tescher who has his own blog . Tescher Cat is the official greeter at the inn. I immediately bonded with him, but I’m not unique. Tescher is the type of cat who bonds with anyone who gently pets him or picks him up. One of Tescher’s jobs is to provide a cat fix for those visitors who miss their cats at home.

Tescher is very good at his job.

Tescher Cat. Carmel Country Inn

Tescher Cat. Carmel Country Inn

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