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July 10, 2020


We know that are fur kids don’t live as long as we do. We don’t want them to hurt or to be in pain… they share their lives with us and give us their love. Painful and awful as it is, I feel we need to be with them when they cross the bridge.

I will help Bok Choi cross the bridge today at 11:00. It tears me up to do this, but today he refused to eat even his very favorite food and I think he is in pain.

It’s time.

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  1. Oh Marilyn….

    *sends sympathy vibes*

  2. I’m so sorry my thoughts are with you.

  3. It is so hard to lose a furry. I know there will be friends and toys and slow moving birds on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

  4. Oh Marylyn; my hugs and thoughts and love are with you all day today. May you find peace and don’t rub too much fur off the friend you have left at home. It’s a sad day for all of you. Again; all my love.

  5. Fabuloous Lorraine says

    Marilyn, I send you all my love, and sympathies. I am so very glad that Bok Choi has a friend like you to help him with this crossing, and that you had the time that you did together, and that he got a chance to be happy, at last.

  6. Love and hugs to you both. It seems like time indeed to send the boy to kitty heaven, where hopefully he will not hurt anymore. Tell him farewell for me.

  7. Marilyn, I’m crying for you as I read and write this. I may have to face the same challenge for my beautiful F3 Bengal, Bounce, soon who also has a tumor growing in her intestines. There are no words to describe the utter pain and sadness. Think of how much he will be with you always in all you do, of how much he helped you learn about him and about life. Think not of the loss but of all the gains and maybe, just maybe, those thoughts can help ease your feelings. And, never forget, that he will be waiting for you as he plays across the bridge.

  8. Knowing you loved Bok, and did all you could, especially letting him go when the time was right – let that bring you peace.

  9. Marilyn,
    I am very sorry for the loss of Bok Choi, our cats mean so much to us and give us so much companionship that itis a terrible loss. You were great to him and he would not have had such a wonderful companion in his life than you. He will be over on the other side of the rainbow bridge in peace and joy and waiting for you to eventually join him.

  10. I’m sorry he has to leave you.


  11. I am sorry Marilyn at least you are able to show how much you love him by letting him go peacefully. I bet my beautiful abyssinian Star will be waiting to show him around.

  12. Cats know when it’s time to go, and yours was probably hoping you would be okay even when he couldn’t be there for you. I hope you will be surrounded by friends and kindness in the coming days and weeks.

  13. I’m so sorry Marilyn, words can’t express the depth of feeling properly.

  14. *hugs*
    It hurts I know. I am glad (and I hope you will remember amid the sadness) that he had you to give him a good life, and the gift of letting go.

  15. I’m so sorry for your loss; but be comforted in knowing that your loving care of him was his gain.

  16. Dear Marilyn,

    I’m keeping you and Bok Choi in my thoughts and prayers.

    I’ve lit a candle for Bok Choi tonight.

    Much love,

    j o e l y

    P.S. I hope Kingsley is holding up OK without his buddy.

  17. I’m sorry Marilyn

  18. I am so very,very sorry. I will keep you in my thoughts, along with Bok Choi.

  19. {{{HUG}}}

  20. We are all with you, and we are glad he has had you.

  21. Stephanie Pisto says

    I think your timing was loving and selfless. My condolances to your household.

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