Have Cat Behavior Questions?

11/08/08 - by TheCatCoach

I have been getting many questions about cat behavior from readers of my blog. It's impossible for me to answer all of the questions. But... it just so happens... I am going to be the guest question-answerer on Petfinders Forum, starting the 10th of November through the 16th. So, please do surf on over during that time and ask questions about cat behavior and cat behavior challenges.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog, and thank you for commenting and asking questions. I wish I could answer them all.

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5 comments on “Have Cat Behavior Questions?”

  1. Dear Marilyn- I tried to register and log on at Petfinders forum, but it kept telling me my sign in was invalid and there was no way to undo it all and start over! Anyway, I hope you can help me understand my 10 month old kitten Maggie's recent behavior. (we also have her brother, Rumi-- both adopted at the same time from a rescue organization. We've had them since April). We have a mutual food dish, which they share nicely and their water dish is next to the food dish, both on a placemat in our dining room. This is how it's been since they came home with us. Recntly, Maggie has been spilling the water bowl to the point where the hardwood floor is warped . I've used all the tricks I normally use-- a firm "NO!" and even the spray bottle. She'll run, then come back to it and spill some more (pushes the bowl around, puts her paw in it). I finally removed the bowl and mat today, but I want to have the consistency (not to mention their water source...) but I'm not sure what to do. They both also drink from the toilet, so they have access to water (not MY idea of a good drink of water!), but I don't want them, especially Rumi, since he uses the bowl to drink from and not play with, to be confused. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you!

  2. Mary Lynn,
    I sent the admin a note about the problem. You're not the only running into this. I would rather answer your question on the forum so that it benefits everyone. Hopefully soon the problem will be resolved.

  3. My 3 year old cat, also named Maggie, has started doing the same thing!! I have a rubber mat down on the hardwood, with the food and water bowl in it. She pushed the bowl around, spilling the water. It has gone under the mat without me knowing, and has warped my floors!!
    What to do??!

  4. my Cat Nini is about a year and a half.( i had gotten her before i met my boyfriend) she was my baby. sleep for hours in my lap, want to play, and beg for attention.... but since we have moved in together she has migrated towards him. she sleeps in his lap, begs for his attention and loves to play with him. she wont really sit on my lap any more and seems to want my attention only when im cooking something she might want to eat..... and to be honest im jealous .
    why would she change favorites like that... did i perhaps do something wrong and upset her?
    Update : Nini ( my cat ) was given to me when she was about 3 months old. from that day on she fallowed me every where. slept on my shoulder at night, every night without fail. nuzzled me and head butted me. waited for me at the door with eagerness only to get under my feet and meow for attention.even "cleaned" my arm for me regularly. she was clearly a mama's girl. even with my mother in the house more then i was due to work. she undoubtedly my baby. with him she has decided to reverse her affection.

    1. You can win back Nini's affections by doing activities, giving her treats she adores whenever she sees you. You should always be the one to feed her, on a schedule. If she enjoys grooming, then groom her every day at the same time, same with play. Whenever she is around you, good things happen to her.

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