Just Say No to Laser Pointers

01/16/09 - by TheCatCoach

Many of you know that I’m dead set against using laser pointers to play with cats. Besides the potential harm from accidentally shining it in a cat’s eyes, laser pointer play is frustrating and unproductive for a cat.  In other words… laser pointers drive cats’ nuts.

Play is an extension of hunting. Play helps cats practice their essential hunting skills. Kittens learn the fine art of hunting through play. Part of the process of play and hunting is the final reward of capturing the prey. The capture is a very important component of play and of the hunt. Cats love the feel of freshly caught prey or a toy under their paws.

Laser pointers can never provide that quintessential feeling of satisfaction that comes with the capture. Instead cats become frustrated and drive themselves crazy trying to catch the elusive laser dot. No matter how hard they try, they will never catch it.

People argue that their cats love chasing the ever-elusive dot. Indeed, cats do love the chase, but the pleasure of the chase is quickly replaced with frustration and anxiety since they can never have the satisfaction of capturing their prey.

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3 comments on “Just Say No to Laser Pointers”

  1. Ah---VERY interesting--makes so much sense too. I did buy a laser pointer for my kittens--used it a few times-- they did like the chase--but it seemed there was something missing-- NOW I know why. They do much prefer interaction with me-- they love Da'Bird-- and one boy likes two particular "toys" to play fetch with. I promise to not subject them to frustration and anxiety again--I promise! Thanks so much for this post!

  2. My Kitten, Bruna about 8 weeks old went Hysterical with the laser.
    Its 5 A.M now and she is hyper active. Last night I got the toy cat safe laser pointer and played with it for like 3 mins… She chased it crazily and then I decided to put it off but she would still continue to hunt over nothing! She has not slept since then and is scratching her post and jumping over me and bed and acting violent…. I searched and came across this post and now understand that its pyschological for cats and that they have to conquer over games towards the end… I am playing harp music for her to calm down now! Hope she goes to sleep and is normal once up …
    thank you sooo very much for this post. God Bless.
    Plz everyone avoid lasers! Its not a good gameplay ! rather stick to basic wand like toys or something for the kitten to pounce and play

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