KGO Radio Interview

02/09/09 - by TheCatCoach

I am going to be back on KGO Radio, on the Ronn Owens Show Friday, February 13that 11:00 AM PT. Anyway... I think I am. Ronn's web site says he is going to be interviewing Jimmy Carter on "Friday February 12" at 11:00. I am assuming he meant to write Thursday...  So... with any luck and with a typo correction, I will be giving cat behavior tips, answering questions from the listening audience and having fun talking with Ronn Owens on Friday the 13th. You can hear the interview live either on AM 810, or on the KGO Radio web site by clicking on the listen live button on the right. Since this is a live talk program, please call the program and ask your cat behavior questions.

The call in numbers are listed on the call in number page on the KGO site.

I promise I will write an entry for the blog soon. I have a couple of deadlines that I’m working hard to meet.

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