Rescued Bengals in S. California

10/06/09 - by TheCatCoach

I have posted pictures and descriptions of 14  of the cats from the big Lancaster rescue. Some of you may have started to wonder if these cats were the cat rescue version of vapor ware. I assure you, they are very much “here” and need everyone’s help. They have their very own page, which will become longer and longer and longer as more are added: There are snows, marbles and spotted Bengals, all in need of great new homes.

The spay/neuter clinic has informed me that they will only fix cats that are 5 years old or younger. So, now I’m looking for a clinic that will fix the older ones. I may end up having to take the older cats to a higher charging vet.  The oldest cat to be fixed is the SGC Sandy. He’s 12 years old.  The first spay/neuter date is scheduled for October 14th. Some of the youngsters will be fixed at that time. Before that can occur, a veterinarian needs to go up to the sight and evaluate the cats. I want to make sure that they are healthy and OK for surgery.

We were able to get 25 carriers, which will be enough for transporting the cats to their surgery.

We need fosters and adopters for these cats. If you can foster and you’re in the Southern California area, please contact me by e-mail. If you would love to adopt, please contact me. The majority of these cats are very socialized.

And of course, here’s the plea and request for financial help. We need help feeding these little ones and providing cat litter. We still need help w/spay and neutering costs, especially since the one clinic won’t speuter any cat over 5 years old. Please send donations through PayPal to: and write in the memo or subject head that it’s for California. We are a 5013C organization, so whatever you donate can be written off.  In PayPal you can designate it as a gift, so there are no fees.

Again, thank you everyone for your support, both financially and morally. I will post more pictures when they come in.

Pictured below are Kiyama, a 3.5 year marble girl, Sheba, a 1.5 year spotted girl and Talon, an 8 year old spotted boy. Check out the rest on the rescue site. Nope, sorry, for some stupid reason, I can't upload pictures to the blog. You'll just have to check them out on the site. Sorry about that.

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2 comments on “Rescued Bengals in S. California”

  1. Hi, just read the article above, about 15 Bengals in Cali that need foster or re-homing, & since I cant find a Bengal to adopt, I'M BEGGING YOU TO ALLOW ME TO F Yiu can email pics,OSTER OR ADOPT A BENGAL THRU YOUR SITE??? You can email me pics of some of the rescues, & ask me anything you like!!

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