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11/05/08 - by TheCatCoach

I am going to be on TV this Friday night on CBS Channel 5 at 7:20 PM on a show called Pets Around the Bay. After it aires, I'm told that it will be available on line . The filming took about 5 hours a couple of months ago. They filmed me talking about cats and cat behavior and showed me clicker training a shelter cat. I am curious to see what they used in the segment.

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3 comments on “Me on TV”

  1. This is cool. I've always wanted to understand clicker training. I fosted a feral Bengal cat so I am very interested. This will be helpful to me and my three gatos at home. There are so few classes for cats. I wonder why? They are so smart.
    Friday night tv.


    Constanza in San Rafael, CA

  2. It's unknown what 3-5 minutes will be shown tomorrow. I don't know if they will show the segment about clicker training. I did spend about 5 minutes talking about inappropriate elimination and what to do about it. My guess is that's probably what they will focus on....

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