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April 4, 2020

No Excuse for Not Taking the Cat to the Veterinarian! Financial Assistance for Vet Bills

I love writing the monthly cat behavior column for Cat Fancy Magazine and the weekly ones for catchannel.com, Cat Fancy Magazines web presence. Readers send me questions to answer—I receive many… the majority of the questions are good questions, sent by people who are devoted cat people, who want the best for their cats. Occasionally readers will send questions that are really concerning. Thankfully they are rare.

On Monday, I received an alarming e-mail from a catchannel.com reader. Five days later, and the e-mail still haunts me. I can’t get it out of my mind. The e-mail inspired me to write an article that my editor at catchannel.com titled Financial Assistance for Cat Vet Costs. It was posted today.

I usually don’t blog about articles I write. This one is an exception because it includes a list of resources that were compiled by another concerned cat lover. It is a list of resources for people who are financially challenged and cannot afford the steep veterinary bills. It’s a good list… and I really appreciate the person who originally did the research and put it together.

I urge you to surf on over and check out the article and if you’re inspired, to comment.

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  1. Thank you for providing a link to the article you wrote on Cat Channel…and the list with links to the financial assistance sites.

    There is nothing more crushing than to learn of a truly concerned cat guardian faced with having to make a decision on how to care for the pet…based on the potential bill.

    I’ve tweeted a link to the article…hopefully, it will help others in need.

    Until next time…Annie

  2. TheCatCoach says

    Thank you Annie!

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