One Month + of Cat Behavior Bits and Still Byting

10/28/11 - by TheCatCoach

I am giving myself a virtual pat on the back for continuing to write my semi-new feature, Cat Bits & Bytes, on my home page every Tuesday. I have imposed my own rules for my Cat Bytes. My rules have made my Cat Bytes both fun to write and at times turns them into a challenging game. Rule number one is obvious. Cat Bits & Bytes have to contain information that focuses mainly on cats. No surprises there. The second rule is that they are understandable, as well as informative. Rule number three is more challenging—Cat Bits & Bytes can’t be more than four lines long. I broke rule number three in this week’s Halloween Fryte Byte. Its five lines long though the last line is only one word. Rule number three can be a challenge since I can be a bit expansive in my descriptions. Rule number three forces me to simplify. Some of the bytes take lots of rewrites, until they are the obligatory length, informative and hopefully understandable. Rule number four takes the Bytes to a different game level—word and letter play. Whenever possible I play with words in the title. Halloween Fryte Byte, my Byte for this week is a good example of word and letter play. I had fun with that one. You can read it on my home page. All of the Cat Bytes, to date, can be read on the Cat Behavior Bits & Bytes page.

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