Sunny Seat Assembly

03/24/11 - by TheCatCoach

I forgot to mention one more product tester… me. I need to factor my experience into the review, since I will be assembling and attaching the seat to a window in my sun room. I thought it best to keep Product Testers 2 & 3 in another area of the house while I was assembling the Sunny Seat since those two little product testers are convinced that anything with pieces needs to be taken and stashed in secret places.

My first introduction to the Sunny Seat was the box. Not much to talk about, a standard unmarked, cardboard box.  The box contained the perch, 4 suction cups and a small piece of paper with the instructions. The perch itself isn’t very visually appealing, but that’s easy to fix by covering it in an eye-catching fabric. The instructions didn’t actually tell me how to put it together, but it does have useful information, including stuff about cleaning the suction cups and washing the windows before installing it. Who washes windows? This was a first for me, but I did as instructed. Putting the seat together, although straight forward and not difficult, could have been a little more intuitive. That again is easily fixed by adding one picture of the assembled product. Sudan and I, between us figured it out. I timed it. It took us approximately 6 minutes and 33 seconds to put the pieces together and that included Sudan checking out all of the components, the box and the instructions.

Sudan: Product Tester #1 helping

Sudan, Product Tester #1 is checking out the instructions

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