Sunny Seat Review

03/23/11 - by TheCatCoach

It’s been one year… since I’ve blogged. It’s about time I wrote an entry or two…

I was asked to review a product and then blog about it. I haven’t reviewed many cat products, but thought this could be fun to do. After all, I am living with the perfect product testers.

The product is the Sunny Seat. It’s a cat shelf that attaches to a window with suction cups. The product is advertised through a TV Infomercial.

Since I am always looking for vertical territory solutions for my cat behavior consultation clients, I thought that this could be an interesting product to review. If it is a product that withstands the maulings and use from my product testers, then it is a product that would be listed on the product pages I give my clients. I was very honest with the Sunny Seat people. What I find, I will post. Also, since years ago I worked as a Human Factors Engineer for a large networking company, I am no stranger to product testing and testing for usability.

First, meet the product testers:

Product Tester 1: Sudan. Sudan is a 23 pound Savannah male cat. He’s very active and enjoys jumping and exploring, was once observed jumping up to a shelf 7 feet above the floor.

Product Tester 2: Jinniyha. Jinniyha is an acrobatic 13 pound melanistic Bengal. She is flexible and agile, loves performing acrobatic feats. The higher up the better. I swear I once saw her hang upside down by her tail from the top of an 8’ high shelf.

Product Tester 3: Maulee. Maulee is an 18 year young Bengal who loves actively climbing and then napping.

My 3 Product Testers are ready for the challenge…
Product Testers 1 & 2

Product Tester#1: Sudan Krieger Product Tester #2: Jinniyha Krieger

Product Tester #3

Product Tester #3: Maulee Krieger

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