The Enigmatic Purr

11/30/08 - by TheCatCoach

Part Two:  Purr as Healer

Do cats help heal themselves through the vibrations of their purr?  Fauna Communications Research Institute has compiled evidence as well as conducted research about the therapeutic benefits of purring. Their findings support the healing properties of The Purr. Cats purr at a low frequency between 25-100 herz. The research shows that low frequencies promote bone healing and easing of muscle pain. Other studies support this, saying that cats heal faster then other animals that don’t purr. In other words, cats give themselves ultrasound treatments when they purr… healing sound waves.

Purrs aren’t always happy purrs. Domestic cats will purr when they are severely ill, stressed or in pain. They also will purr when they are dying.  It is possible that these sad purrs are self-reassuring purrs. Perhaps cats purr to themselves the same way people who are alone and afraid sometimes sing to themselves. Another theory about these distressed purrs is that the purr is instrumental in releasing endorphins.

An article in Scientific American states that purring improves muscle tone without exercising. The vibration stimulates the muscles and bones, without the cat having to extend a lot of energy.  So, when you see your cat contentedly relaxing and purring on the computer equipment, she is in reality doing calisthenics.

Maulee Purring

Maulee Purring

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